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Fruit of the Loom wants you to clean out your underwear drawer this spring
Fruit of the Loom panties for ladies

Spring is in the air and many people are getting their spring cleaning done. Cleaning out the clothes that don't fit and putting away all the wintery items that you won't need for at least another seven months. But while you're doing all this cleaning and retiring of your clothes, bet there's one place you haven't thought of spring cleaning and that's your underwear drawer! That's right ladies it's time to treat yourself to some new undergarments because everyone loves pretty things even if you're the only one seeing them!

This season Fruit of the Loom has changed their underwear so now it's time to change yours too. The brand has reinvented the ladies cotton panty by tweaking their already comfortable design. The new Fruit of the Loom panties for ladies are now made with a super softer fabric from a finer gauge yarn than before, the lining is made with with plush covered in its ravel free technology and the covered elastic is perfect to reduce pinching and digging. Not to mention the high stitch density improves opacity so when you're rocking your mesh trends this season your unmentionables will stay under wraps.

A huge trend this spring is athleticism which makes it ok to wear sweats and workout inspired gear just about anywhere but what's the point of wearing a brand new super comfortable outfit that you look amazing in if you're underwear is old and sagging? Not a pleasant thought or feeling is it now? That's were the new Fruit of the Loom for ladies panties come in. Not only are they a great fit but the price tag won't break the bank either, leaving you with extra money to complete your spring wardrobe and even more panties...and well you get the picture! Besides, with all the bright new colors and patterns your underwear should be spring ready too.
Valued at under $9 a multi pack the new Fruit of the Loom ladies panties is a deal that can't be beat. So if you're cleaning out your closet this spring, don't forget to clean out your underwear drawer as well!

Fruit of the Loom ladies panties can be purchased online and in stores at Walmart and have a price of $8.48 for a six pack. Locally there are two Walmart locations, one on Burkhardt Rd and one on S. Red Banks Rd in Evansville, IN.

To learn more about Fruit of the Loom ladies panties or any other Fruit of the Loom products visit their site at

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