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Fruit of the Loom and The Naked Cowboy changed their underwear. Shouldn't you?

First Fruit of the Loom reinvented the panty for women and now its time for the men to get a change. Fruit of the Loom has reinvented the boxer brief for men and is asking America' We’ve changed our underwear. Shouldn't you?'

Fruit of the Loom and The Naked Cowboy changed their underwear. Shouldn't you?

The new reinvented Boxer brief is made of a softer fabric and features a new hem that stays smooth under your clothes. The redesigned longer legs are contoured and don't ride up when you move. Also the new boxer briefs have a narrower fly and reinforced seam for more support. The change to the boxer brie was announced on May 6 in the heart of NYC, Times Square with none other than The Naked Cowboy. If The Naked Cowboy can change his underwear to the all new Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs then why can't you?

During the exclusive launch in NYC, Fruit of the Loom also advertized its boxer briefs on the NASDAQ tower from above Times Square. Streets Teams or 'Positivity Brigades' as called by Fruit of the Loom, too to the streets to give out underwear samples and coupons to the crowd. Fans who took the opportunity to take pictures with The Naked Cowboy also had the opportunity to end up on the billboard which was live streaming. They were then given a link so that they could share their picture/live streaming moment on their own social media outlets.

The new reinvented Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs can be purchased at Walmart, Target and Kmart stores for under $14. Locally there are two Walmart Supercenters in Evansville, IN, one on Red Banks Rd and the other on S. Burkhardt Rd. Target is located in the Evansville Pavilion on E. Lloyd Expy and Kmart is located on Zion Rd. in Henderson, KY. To find a store near you just visit any one of these store’s websites. To learn more about Fruit of the Loom and their products visit their site at

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