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Fruit of Holy Spirit: Agape Love bears all things

Agape love bears all things (1 Corinthians 13:7). Another simple, yet profoundly deep statement about the quality of agape love; and the perfect description of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout His In-Person earthly ministry, and brought to its zenith during His Passion.

Let’s use the definitions for this from the Strong’s Concordance to take an amplified view of what the Apostle Paul, by inspiration of Holy Spirit is saying.

Agape love (the selflessly giving superabundant feast of love) bears (protectively covers over with silence while patiently enduring) all things (absolutely everything).

Our Lord Jesus Christ is our perfect example. The Word of God humbled Himself to give up His place upon His throne in heaven to be born as a human child. Yes, He was born sinless as the Son of the Living God, but He had surrendered His authority to instead take up the authority originally given to Adam in order to exercise dominion over everything upon this earth.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was born, as promised, to the lineage He was promised to, and was raised under and according to the Mosaic Law. The Word of God, that brought light into existence, lived in accordance with the Law chosen by a people who chose the Law of God instead of the voice of God. Yet, He did not complain.

He was raised by a mother who was mocked and scorned by many because they thought His mother played the harlot or the adulteress by getting pregnant by someone or something other than the husband to whom she was betrothed. His half-brothers and half-sisters saw Him as their brother, not their Messiah. Those that did not hold a grudge or judgment against Mary saw Him only as a carpenter’s son; which indeed was an honorable thing. None of them recognized Him for who He was. However, Mary, His mother, kept what she had been told by the angel, and the things that happened in Jesus’ life close in her heart. She knew who Jesus was, and Jesus knew the depths of her love for Him.

Our Lord withstood Satan after fasting for 40 days in the desert. He took a group of young rabbinical washouts who had gone back to learn various trades and made them His disciples. Jesus patiently taught and spent His life with these men to teach them His Way, His Teaching of the Law; in Jewish terms, to teach them His Yoke.

When it was time for the Perfect and Sinless Sacrifice to be made, our Lord Jesus Christ did not run; nor did He call down the legions of angels that would have instantly obeyed His Word and wiped the planet clean of all human beings. Our Lord Jesus Christ was the Word of God keeping His Word, to become the Messiah, the Anointed Savior, for all who would believe.

Throughout His Passion (time of trying) our Lord Jesus only spoke that which He had to speak. Had He spoken any more, He could have persuaded Pontius Pilate and the Romans to let Him go. He did not speak against any of His lying accusers who were jealous of His relationship with God and His comfort in invoking His Father’s Name. He did not beg for the soldiers to spare Him.

When He was lifted up on the cross, His heart was broken while He listened to the people He created and loved spew the same taunt, the same doubt and the same derision Satan had in the desert, “IF You are the Son of God, come down from that cross,” as if they were not aware of what the Almighty God had said in blessing His Son who submitted Himself to be ceremonially cleanse when baptized at the hands of His cousin, John.

Instead of giving in to the temptation to come off the cross and say, “The heck with these ungrateful lumps of living clay,” our Lord endured until the sin of the entire world, for all time, had been placed upon Him, becoming sin for us. Now, the agape love of our Lamb of God reached its zenith as our Lord Jesus Christ spoke these most loving of Words, “Father, forgive them. They have no idea what they are doing.”

Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah, declared, “It is finished,” and fulfilling the entire Mosaic Law, entrusted His Spirit to His Father and submitted Himself unto death.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s selflessly giving superabundant feast of love for us protectively covered over with silence all the rightful accusations of sin against all of us while patiently enduring torture at the hands of the people He created and loved, while becoming sin for us so we would not have to spend eternity separated from the love of God.

When our Lord Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, He was raised for our justification so we could be counted and just and innocent, being cleansed by His Holy Blood of all our sin for all time if we would only choose to believe.

Our Lord Jesus Christ indeed bore all things, and is the Perfect Example for us to follow as we walk and grow in His Agape Love.


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