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Fruit juice is not as healthy as it sounds

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That glass of fruit juice may be as bad for you as a sugar filled soda report researchers from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Many fruit juices have a similar calorie count to fizzy drinks and as much sugar! The slide show above shows the sugar content in some popular beverages.

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One researcher, Professor Naveed Sattar, told the Herald Scotland, "Fruit juice has a similar energy density and sugar content to other sugary drinks. For example, 250ml of apple juice typically contains 110 kcal and 26g of sugar, and 250ml of cola typically contains 105kcal and 26.5g of sugar."

People often choose a glass of fruit juice over soda thinking juice is the healthier choice. Too much sugary juice however, is bad for your health. People who consume too much sugar are at increased risk for:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • liver cirrhosis
  • dementia

A study earlier this year established a direct connection between sugar intake and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The more sugar a person consumes the higher their risk of cardiovascular disease even if they are a healthy weight.

For more information about sugar in our diets see Sugar 101 from the American Heart Association. WebMD and Harvard Women's Health Watch have tips for breaking the sugar habit.


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