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Frugal Tips Tuesdays, saving money at the supermarket

There are lots of ways to be frugal and to stay within your budget. The key is to pick and choose what will work best for you and your lifestyle as not all will appeal to everyone. Here are a few:

Buying small amounts at a deli can save money if you don't have to throw away anything.
Buying small amounts at a deli can save money if you don't have to throw away anything.
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By using a few frugal tips, you can reap savings at the supermarket.
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  • Inventory management, in other words, what do you have in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer? Do you need it? By forgetting what you have, you can end up with two bottles of opened ground chili pepper or 3 open boxes of spaghetti noodles. This is different than stockpiling as these containers are already opened and partially used. By all means, if something is on sale and you use it regularly, by it but don't have several opened containers of the same thing.
  • When you need just a small amount of something, look to the salad bar. Yes, overall the per pound price may seem extravagant. But what is more extravagant, paying a portion of that overall price and using it all or by buying the container from the shelf and throwing the majority away?
  • Be sure to save those deli containers and wash them out and reuse. It helps the environment and certainly helps your pocketbook when you are purchasing expensive food storage containers.
  • The most expensive food you purchase is the food that is thrown away uneaten. Be sure to utilize leftovers by putting them in lunches or refurbishing them into planned overs, not left overs.
  • Use your freezer to store some of these leftovers. Small amounts of vegetables can go into homemade soups as well as leftover chicken or beef.
  • Cook from scratch to get the most from your money. When you cook a chicken, it can be used several ways. The first meal, roast chicken with sides such as mashed potatoes and cooked carrots and green beans. The leftovers can be transformed into shredded chicken sandwiches and pan fried left over mashed potatoes. The third day you can make chicken noodle soup utilizing the chicken carcass to make the chicken stock, any left over chicken and cooked carrots and beans from the first night. Three meals, one chicken, by cooking by scratch and using the leftovers in different ways.
  • Using coupons always helps as long as it isn't causing you to buy things you normally don't or won't eat. It is nice to try out new food to see if you like it but it does not save any money to be having food you don't like sitting in the cupboard.

Keep watching for more daily frugal tips and by all means share some ideas as well.