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Frugal tip of the week, waiting before buying

Here is this week's tip on an easy way to help curb unnecessary spending.

By airing a few days, weeks or even a month, some purchases become unnecessary.
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Whenever you’re considering making an unnecessary purchase, wait one week, two weeks or even a month and then ask yourself if you still want or really even need that item. Now this does not mean putting off necessary items like new tires to make your car safer or going to the dentist when you have a severe toothache. This is for impulse items like designer boots when you have two perfectly good pair or the latest electronic gadget.

You may find that the urge to buy has passed and you’ll have saved yourself money by simply waiting. It is even possible you have found an alternative that is less expensive and works just as well, or have found a used version at a thrift shop or on Craigslist. An even better way to stretch that savings is to put that unspent cash towards debt reduction or retirement.

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