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Frugal St. Patrick's Day ideas for celebrating with kids

Wear the green!
Wear the green!
L. Cox

Saint Patrick's Day can be a fun, easy, and inexpensive holiday to celebrate with kids.  Here are some frugal ideas to get you started:

1.  Go crazy with food coloring.  Put green food coloring in the toilet and tell the kids the leprechauns must have used the restroom!  Always a hit with my kids. 

2.  Have an all-green dinner.  Make a special St. Patty's Day dinner the whole family will love.  You can keep it healthy and have green beans and broccoli.  Or, you could get creative and tint the macaroni and cheese with food coloring too!  Have green jello or cupcakes with green icing for dessert.  Be creative!

3.  Make leprechaun traps.  Take any old box and have your children create leprechaun traps.  A little bit of glue, string, crayons, and viola!  You've got a magic contraption that catches leprechauns while you sleep!  Leave chocolate coins or pennies in the "traps" and about the house and tell the kids the leprechauns made a special delivery while they were sleeping.  Another family favorite!

ENJOY YOUR DAY!  Other kids will be "green" with envy!