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Frugal living at Money Ning

Frugal living at Money Ning has some great articles. There are four categories; frugal living, money 101, money management, and beyond money. I’ve only started reading through the articles there, and thoroughly enjoyed “Why Only Thinking About Affordability Makes You Poor”.

Never realizing that I was just considering affordability (can I afford this, or the monthly payment for this?) prior to purchase, this article hit the nail on the head for me, and made a LOT of sense! I looked at sattelite tv, and found an awesome package for $49/mo from DirectTV, with all of the channels that we could ever want to watch. Now, after all the rebates, and the "intro package expiration date" expiring, we are paying almost twice that amount, and are locked into the agreement for TWO years! If we had stuck with Hamilton County Cable, we had less channels, but were paying about $30/mo. BIG difference at the end of two years!

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