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Frugal fun, host a potluck Super Bowl 2014 party

Hosting a super Bowl party for friends and family does not have to be expensive. Consider having a potluck party, where everyone brings a dish to pass. Here are a few tips to plan the perfect potluck.

With a potluck party, everyone brings food to pass.
With a potluck party, everyone brings food to pass.
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Hosting a potluck Super Bowl party is a great way to get together with friends.
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Have a sign up sheet or designate what people should bring. If you don’t, you’ll get six pastas, three trays of brownies, and no snacks. Or, you'll get all snacks and nothing else. When guests asks what to bring, give them a choice of two categories so they can choose something that fits their time and budget. Or, designate one or two people on salads, a few others on appetizers, a couple on sides, and others on main dishes.

If someone does not like to cook, suggest they bring the plates, silverware and napkins.

Things can get tight in the kitchen at potluck dinners. Ask your guests to tell you if they need any equipment, oven space, or serving utensils. Remember to use crock pots to keep things warm and trays of ice to nestle bowls of cold food in. Be sure to dig out extra serving platters, baskets, and utensils before your guests arrive.

Don't forget that someone needs to be responsible for beverages. You as the host can supply them, or ask everyone to bring something they would like to drink with their dish.

Have fun!!!

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