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Frugal Friday: Photo Holiday cards, Postcards - Ideas on what to do with them

If you're like me, you get a LOT of photo holiday cards. I can't bear to toss them away so here are 5 ideas on what to with them:

Postcards into a Flipbook
Postcards into a Flipbook
Turn postcards into a flipbook
Donna Wang Su

Update my smartphone contacts with photos - snap an image of that wonderful family photo that your best friend just sent you and add it to her contact info on your smartphone
Turn them into books - hole punch and a binder ring.
Turn them into photobooks - you can scan them all
Scrapbooks - I can get lazy and just stick them in a photo album
Turn them into ornaments
Here's what I did with last year's cards, #2. My son and daughter love flipping through them and remembering all of their friends. I also started doing this with all of the wedding invitations, thank you cards (especially the photo ones) and postcards that we get, too. It's a wonderful way to celebrate all of our loved ones especially with the great pics. I currently have them by year but was thinking about someday organizing them by family so you can really see how fast these kids grow!

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