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Frozen treats in minutes with Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Make custom frozen treats in minutes with Zoku
Make custom frozen treats in minutes with Zoku
Cristine Struble

In the middle of a heat wave or during the chill of winter, frozen treats on a stick are a delight to little kids. It could be a tangy Popsicle or a sweet pudding pop. The cold, quickly melting treat is fun to eat. With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker makes creating these frozen treats as much fun as eating them.

Zoku, frozen treats in minutes
Cristine Struble

In a few minutes the Zoku makes your favorite juice, pudding or drink into a frozen treat on a stick. First, place the Zoku in the freezer on a level surface. The unit should remain in the freezer for approximately 24 hours. Once frozen, everyone is ready to make some popsicles.

After placing the stick or sticks into the unit, fill the cavity with juice, fruit, pudding or other liquid. In 7 to 9 minutes, your frozen treat is ready to eat. A frozen Zoku, single pop unit, can freeze approximately 3 pops per freeze. No electricity is required to run the device. It's all done by the frozen unit.

Since the user creates his treat, there is great variety available. From vertical layers to a special core, the options are only limited by your imagination. It is fun to create layers or hide fruit in the popsicles.

As a parent, the ability to add fruit helps everyone get a little extra nutrition to make the treat feel a little less guilty. Whether it is a yogurt pop with a few extra bananas or strawberry slices in a smoothie, the kids can get a few extra fruits in their special treats.

The Zoku quick pop maker comes in a single mold, duo and triple model. Prices range depending on size. The single pop retails for $24.95 and includes: 3 Sticks, 3 Drip Guards, 1 Single Quick Pop Maker, and 1 Super Tool.

Additional accessories like the Zoku Chocolate Station make for even more fun. The Chocolate Station is the easy way to add a chocolate shell, sprinkles or nuts to your quick pop. The Chocolate Station allows you to easily dip and drizzle chocolate on your Quick Pops. The set includes 1 Chocolate Station for easy dipping, 1 Drizzle Spoon to drizzle chocolate, 2 Sprinkle Trays for your sprinkles and nuts, 1 Cover, and a recipe booklet with delicious recipes for pop bases and chocolate shells to make a wide variety of decadent Quick Pops. The Chocolate Station retails for $19.99.

It is time to indulge your frozen treat craving. Keep a Zoku Quick Pop Maker in your freezer and have a treat in minutes.