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Frozen tears of a child

SIlence is an abuser's best friend
SIlence is an abuser's best friend
child silence

As Easter approaches I was thinking how holidays for an abused child are not always happy.They are stressful. Stress of impending violence or fighting. The extra time at home puts you directly in the middle of a war zone. As a child being at school meant safety and escaping my nightmares. I could laugh and live just like normal until time to go home. Every minute at a home was like waking through the woods and waiting for a bomb to go off.

The memories of Easter brought to mind a story that saddens but reminds us the effect of domestic violence on a child. Christmas for many is magical as it is lights and cheer. This one child is haunted by Christmas past. Her first memory is very vivid and painful. Her tears froze to her face as she silently cried as to not make a sound. She could hear yelling and glass breaking as it flew across the living room. She shivered in her little critters night gown as the snow blew across her bare legs. She had no coat as it was inside the living room. She had no socks as she had given them to her brother. He was only 5. He used them for gloves.She had taken him to the back porch step in hopes they would not be next on fathers anger list. He would yell and throw and somehow it would bring something they had done and they would be waken and beaten too. Her brother only 5 had scars from the horsewhip across his backside.They dare not move or breathe in hopes he would forget them.

They sat freezing together. It seemed like an everyday normal thing.The parents would drink and then fight. Not long after it became violent and when morning came there was broken furniture and blood and glass covering the floor. This night was no different but it was Christmas. The holiday meant more time at home. It meant more time to anger him. It meant more parties and drinking.It meant more sadness and pain. So when you ask do I have time off, the answer is no. It is no because abuse doesn't take the time off. Be the voice that speaks up for those who can't.Hiding the voice allows abuser's easy access and silence from a victim who believes when he says if you tell no one will believe you. For more information visit: