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Frozen singalong at Disney's Hollywood Studios is interactive fun for families

Scenes from the Frozen singalong at Disney's Hollywood Studios for Frozen Summer.
Scenes from the Frozen singalong at Disney's Hollywood Studios for Frozen Summer.
Barb Nefer

How many times have you heard "Let It Go?" Still haven't had enough of it? Then head over to Frozen Summer at Disney's Hollywood Studios, where you and your family members can belt it out with other Frozen fans at the daily singalong. It includes all the best songs from the movie, and yes, "Let It Go" is in there...twice.

The show runs multiple times each day in the Premier Theater, which is near Muppets 3-D. You get preferred seating with the Frozen Package, and if you don't have that, head over a little early to ensure a good spot in line.

The Frozen singalong is a great show for kids because they don't have to sit there and watch it silently. They get to see beloved characters like Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff and sing along as loudly and enthusiastically as they wish. If you're an adult, don't can sing along, too, and if you don't know the words, they're conveniently right up on three big screens.

The show also has a lot of humor mixed into its loose plot line. Anna is joined by two royal historians who are telling the story of Arendelle during the "Frozen" time period. Anna has to run out to look for Elsa, but the historians share a Cliff Notes version of the story, complete with plenty of jokes that keep the audience laughing in between the songs. The story is told with movie clips in between the singing.

Kristoff shows up, and shortly thereafter Anna returns with Elsa, who uses her powers to make it snow in the theater. The show runs close to half an hour, but the time goes by very quickly because it's fast-paced and interactive. In the spirit of the subject matter, the theater is nicely air conditioned so it makes a welcome respite from the blazing Florida sun.

If you'd like to see some scenes from the show, check out the slideshow accompanying this article.

You can't meet Anna and Elsa for photos and autographs at Disney's Hollywood Studios (you have to go to the Magic Kingdom for that), but the singalong is just one of two opportunities to see them live. The other is the daily royal processional and welcome at 11 a.m. For a slideshow of that event, go to this article.

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