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‘Frozen’ sing-along on ‘Good Morning America’ had fans enjoying Disney music

Fans of the Disney movie Frozen were up bright and early on Wednesday warming up their vocal chords. In what had to be a first, the fans of the popular flick came together on Good Morning America to sing some of the popular songs of Frozen. While some of the fans were on video, other fans were live in Times Square in New York City, and one particular individual helped lead off the special moment.

Tony Award-winning singer Idina Menzel kicked off the sing-along and fans got the chance to offer up their versions of the songs. With The Muppets, a military troop, an elementary school and even Kelly Ripa offering some vocal stimulation it was great to see all types of Americans singing the song.

The Frozen movie definitely has fans around the world connected in a very special way. Offering a different sense of connection, it is Frozen that gives fans a chance to sing at local theaters and share the special characters by dressing up and playing a part. Of course singing to songs isn't just for the kids either. Moms and dads love to be part of the fun too.

The Good Morning America really offered a unique opportunity with the sing-along on Wednesday and fans hope it happens again. Maybe The Muppet Movie music coming up will have people singing again.

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