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Frozen salt art craft

Create frosty art with Epsom salts.
S. W. de Graffenried

Frozen salt art paintings are a great craft to cool off a hot day or to celebrate a chilly one. You'll need paper, crayons, Epsom salts, water and a paint brush.


1. Choose a subject to draw. Keep in mind that salt paintings look particularly good on colored construction paper, so a white snow scene on black paper shows up nicely.

2. After you create your drawing, prepare the Epsom salt solution. Put 1/4 cup Epsom salts in a container and add a few drops of hot water. You want the mixture to be slushy. Go for a watery but not fully dissolved consistency.

3. Paint the solution over your drawing and allow to dry. For extra texture, sprinkle dry Epsom salts over the wet painting. As the salts dry, it will create a frosty film over your art.

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