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FROZEN'S 'LET IT GO': Alex Boyé and Lexi Walker's version Goes Viral in 5 Hours

From blockbuster animated movie Frozen, 'Let It Go' has certainly gotten it's share of hype which has continued with it winning the Oscar this year for Best Original Song and the movie winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. The movie version was sung by musical theater star Idina Menzel, whose name, paradoxically enough, is now known by everyone because of John Travolta's butchered introduction as Adele Nazeem. Regardless of the virtues or pitfalls of this song, it cannot be denied that it has been on everybody's mind, ears and mouth -- be it singers young and not so young -- for the last couple of months.

Creating a new version of a hit song is a tricky endeavor; more so when it happens during the time the song has become a success. People tend to have an attachment to the first version they hear and diverting their liking to a new one can be a difficult task at best. But, when approached as an original creation, with a fresh look and feel...well, it is like giving birth to a new baby with a life of its own.

Behind the scenes -- and also in front -- the creative concept of bringing all elements together to create a new sound for Frozen's 'Let It Go,' with its own colors and feel, is the inspiration of Alex Boyé. The British singer with Nigerian roots has made a name for himself on Youtube for his African flavored covers of songs. And this one tops the chart to date. Alex Boyé's vision is a different and fresh take of Frozen's 'Let It Go' and it has taken cyber world by storm. Hitting 5 million likes a few hours after being posted on Youtube and up to almost 30 million by now, this African flavored interpretation of the Oscar winning song has gone viral with a vengeance.

'Let It Go' is not an easy song to sing. Vocally, it presents many challenges, the most evident being taking all the weight of the lower register to the higher notes, a recipe for singing disaster. Young Lexi Walker, who sung Alex Boye's version, seems to breeze through it without difficulty and with a beautiful free and open sound. Having an extraordinary voice does not guarantee knowing how to use it, just as having a precious Stradivarius violin has no relation to the owner knowing how to play it. But little twelve-year old Lexi Walker seems to have both ends of the puzzle solved as she doesn't only own the Strad but knows what to do with it.

A melody can be an inspiration. Creativity does not only spin original musical compositions but familial evolutions of new interpretations. That is what makes art great. Works can be covered and rediscovered in a million different ways according to the eye of the beholder. Alex Boye's vision combined with Lexi Walker's talent has created a new take of a current favorite that has captured the attention and enjoyment of many Frozen, 'Let It Go,' Alex Boye and Lexi Walker fans and that has added many new admirers to the existing ones.

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