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Frozen puppy rescued from railroad tracks

Railroad puppy
Railroad puppy
Photo taken by railroad inspector

Meet the puppy who has become famous after his picture was sent across Facebook on Tuesday.

Apparently, last Saturday when the temperature was a mere 14 degrees this little fellow waded through some water in a ditch and tried to cross railroad tracks. He then became frozen to the track. Luckily for the little puppy a track inspector found and rescued him.

The inspector was riding in a rail-mounted truck looking for obstacles on the tracks in advance of train that was due within the hour. When he saw the tiny ball of fur on the tracks. The poor puppy was shivering. The inspector tried warm water to remove the puppy but when that did not work he got out his knife and carefully cut the puppy free. He then sent pictures to his wife who put them on Facebook.

From Facebook the story made it’s way to ABC 33/40’s blog and that is all it took. E-mails began streaming in and the little puppy frozen to the railroad tracks had a new home and a new name: Track.


  • Netanya 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing such a "happy ending" story. One little pup will have a happy life and Bravo for his rescuer!

  • Juleigh 5 years ago

    My Uncle Gary Was The One Who saved The Poor Puppy(;

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