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Frozen pipes: Frigid weather keeps plumbers busy in winter chill

Frozen pipes were a big problem in Wisconsin this week. From Milwaukee to Madison plumbers were working around the clock. According to The Christian Science Monitor on Jan. 8, calls for both frozen and burst pipes kept them busy.

Carl's Plumbing Services in Milwaukee was inundated with calls reporting burst or frozen pipes, and the Milwaukee company's six plumbers raced from one call to another.

Frozen pipes were in need of thawing starting Monday and picked up even more by the next day. Temperatures were below zero for days and wind chills were in the negative 20 to 40 degree range as well.

The arctic chill from the "polar vortex" is starting to subside. Unseasonably warm temperatures are expected by the weekend, which should provide some much needed relief.

To prevent frozen pipes, there are steps you can take in advance of the next deep freeze. Keep your faucets running at a slow drip to keep the water moving. Also open up your cabinets to allow warm air to circulate inside and keep the pipes heated. If a pipe does freeze, you can thaw it out before it bursts. You can direct a space heater or a blow dryer towards the frozen pipe. If things get hairy, do not hesitate to call in a professional for help.

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