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Frozen Niagara Falls: Hoax or the real deal?

Frozen Niagra Falls photos: Real or fake?
Frozen Niagra Falls photos: Real or fake?
@GaryB0718 Twitter

Photos of the frozen Niagara Falls are making their way around Facebook and Twitter, but is the famous tourist attraction really iced over?

The recent "polar vortex" did cause some record low temperatures in the U.S. recently, but it wasn't enough to cause a completely frozen Niagara Falls.

Instead, the falls partially froze over on the U.S. side, but continued to flow otherwise. Word of the frozen falls wasn't a hoax, but many of the photos were not recent.

Watch a video of the partially frozen falls here.

Many of the photos on the Internet, including the one on the left from @GaryB0718 Twitter, are old images from past deep-freezes. The photos were stunning, but they weren't recent. Some dated back to 2007 and others were from 2012.

Reuters photographer Aaron Harris took some photos of the partially frozen portion of the Niagra Falls on January 8, 2014, giving a more accurate look at the icy falls.

Opinionated Nation states that other than the partially frozen U.S. side of the falls, "everything looks just fine via the live webcam at this popular tourist attraction."

Niagara Falls is flowing as usual today, with a few icy remnants left behind.

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