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Frozen Niagara Falls: Spectacular night video of partially frozen falls (video)

Frozen Niagara Falls now shown in a spectacular nighttime video. See the power and the beauty of the partially frozen waterfall illuminated in a rainbow of colors. According to WGRZ TV on Jan. 10, colored lighting at night enhanced the natural wonder.

You can see the vast amount of snow and ice that has accumulated on the waterfall thanks to the “polar vortex’ the area has been experiencing lately. Even more impressive is the thunderous sound of millions of gallons per minute plummeting over the precipice.

As reported yesterday in, “Frozen Niagara Falls: Check out this incredible slideshow (video),” the falls are only partially frozen over. And in fact, this is a normal occurrence this time of year. With all that has happened so far in the Midwest and Northeast of the U.S., it is easy to think that the exceptionally harsh winter weather has served to enhance its beauty.

Frozen Niagara Falls is sure to serve as a landmark example of the impact of the “polar vortex” on the country. It is always impressive to experience firsthand throughout the year. A visit to this natural wonder should be on everyone’s summer travel list.

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