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Frozen Niagara Falls: Check out this incredible slideshow (video)

Frozen Niagara Falls captured by incredible images. A Reuters photographer took some amazing pictures of the partially frozen over waterfall. According to The Atlantic on Jan. 9, there was a hoax image going around in 2011 that looks very much like the real thing seen today.

Update: Frozen Niagara Falls: Spectacular night video of partially frozen falls (video)

Reuters filed these photographs at 10:48pm, many hours after the 2011 photograph started to spread. It is only a slight stretch to say, Reuters filed after people needed a photograph of Niagara Falls frozen. So many people wanting such a photo in their timelines practically wills them into existence.

Frozen Niagara Falls is just the latest in a string of images from the "polar vortex." As it moved across the Midwest to New York, photos of frozen landmarks emerged on the Internet. First Wisconsin, then Chicago, followed by Lake Ontario and even the Hudson River. How could Niagara Falls be missed?

As previously reported in, "Frozen pipes: Frigid weather keeps plumbers busy in winter chill," the "Polar Vortex" has left a path of destruction in its wake. The natural beauty of the partially frozen falls are not to be missed.

Officially there is a "frozen Niagara Falls" every winter, at least partially. Today's photos are every bit as dramatic. The images are of the American falls, not the Horseshoe Falls that are actually shared with Canada.

Both the real and hoax photos are making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. Growing up near Niagara Falls, I can attest to the beauty of the frozen version. And it is every bit as cold as it looks.

What do you think about the Frozen Niagara Falls story? Please drop in your comments below.

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