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Frozen Niagara Falls: A rare creation by the artist polar vortex

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A frozen Niagara Falls has turned into a sculpture of grand proportions, changing the scenery of the famous tourist spot into something else altogether. According to The Inquisitr on Jan. 9, the artist of this breathtaking sculpture is a visitor from the Arctic Circle, the polar vortex.

On a rare trip to Canada and the U.S., the polar vortex has changed one of North America’s wonders into another amazing landscape. The falls live-on as usual inside that frozen ice and although Niagara Falls hasn't stopped moving, it looks as though it has crystallized.

The powerful ice has changed the look of the thundering flow of water. This moving landscape looks like it's changed to solid ice and could pass as a still-life picture today in some spots. The icicles that have formed make a sparkling frame for nature's artistic creation. That polar vortex is quite the artist.

While the same weather that created this polar freeze is almost unbearable to be out in, this hasn’t stopped the tourists from flocking to the frozen falls.

This isn’t the first deep-freeze the falls have endured. A completely frozen Niagara Falls was seen in the late 1800s and early 1900s. An “ice bridge” formed across the river during some of the coldest of winters back then.

This ice bridge offered a special treat to tourists, as they were allowed to walk across the river on top of the frozen bridge. In the year 1912 the bridge collapsed and three tourists lost their lives, putting an end to ice bridge walking.

This was back when the falls actually froze into a solid block of ice, as the picture to the left of the article conveys. Niagara Falls is not a solid block of ice today, what you are seeing is a build up of the frozen mist coming off the falls forming ice sculptures.

Can you imagine what it was like for the ice to stop the flow of water that rumbles the ground around you while you are at the falls? This is what it was like back in the early 1900s when the falls were frozen still.

This gives you an insight on just how strong frozen water can be, it also quiets down the noise of the thundering water going over the falls. Just think of the strength of that ice, as not many things can stop the energy of falling water that is created by nature.



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