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Frozen is still 'freezing' the nation

The reason most of the country has been battered by an awful winter this year is simple- it’s Disney’s fault. One word- Frozen. Everyone is seemingly obsessed with this film from the littlest of tikes to the eldest on the block. Everyone wants to ‘build a snowman.’

Songwriters Robert and Kristen Lopez won big at the Oscars in 2014
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It won Best Animated film and Best Original Song at the Oscars with ‘Let It Go,’ but this film is more than award winning, it’s a movement; a type of cultural phenomenon. The music is addictive. The story is spot on empowering. Frozen is a mix of so many things that Disney has tried to accomplish, and did, but they did it a million times better with Frozen. It’s Hannah Montana meets Brave meets snow. Frozen is striking a chord with everyone who sees it, because everyone can relate to it.

Featuring Kristen Bell and the now infamous, (thanks to John Travolta), Idina Menzel, the comedy adventure makes audiences laugh, cry, and wonder in awe. Why Disney movies have the connotation of being for little kids, we will never know.

The viral nature of Frozen is downright fascinating. Maybe it’s because Disney hasn’t released anything this good in the Twitter age. Maybe it’s because like being in Disneyland, we all turn into light-hearted children in the theater. Everyone is singing ‘Let It Go‘ including parents, kids, pop stars and aspiring singers. The most impressive rendition was perhaps Brian Hull of Dallas Baptist University, who sang the catchy tune in the voice of 21 different Disney characters. Frozen is even beating out Finding Nemo in some polls for the best Disney animated film of all time! To be fair, Nemo was not about the music. Will Frozen still be in everyone’s minds next year when Finding Dory is released? Probably, but hopefully we will have moved on from sledding to swimming.

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