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'Frozen' frenzy: Elsa dress sells for $900 on eBay after Disney Store sells out

Searching for an Elsa dress in the Disney store? The hit movie “Frozen” has parents searching daily for the $50 costume, only to find they are still out of stock. Desperate parents are instead forking over hundreds of dollars for the dress on eBay.

"Frozen" dresses sell for as high as $899 on eBay

Since the move came premiered on Nov. 27, 2014, fans have been searching for the Elsa dress, with only the luckiest of shoppers finding the glittery blue dress and matching cape in stock on Even accessories like Elsa’s light-up wig are sold out online, with only “Frozen” t-shirts, flip flops, nightgowns and iPhone cases available.

The popularity of the movie left Disney’s online store with more demand than supply, so many shoppers headed over to eBay. Sellers inflated the price of “Frozen” costumes so high that some customers paid between $600 and $900 for an Elsa dress and as much as $190 for a wig that retails for $34.95 on

“Frozen” toys were also quickly scooped up for resale on eBay, where sellers are commanding big money for items that are no longer available in the Disney store.

Some of the pricier toys that sold recently on eBay include a set of limited edition “Frozen” dolls ($2006); an 8-inch Olaf the Snowman Plush ($245); a pair of “Frozen” plush Elsa and Anna dolls ($105); and a plastic “Frozen” Castle Of Arendelle Play Set ($278).

The movie’s popularity does not seem to be fading, but will parents continue to pay ridiculously high prices for the Elsa costume and other “Frozen” toys? The sales on eBay are still brisk, so there seems to be no limit to the money some people will spend to get movie-themed clothing and toys for their children.

Sara Hughart tells NBC that she has been checking to the Disney Store daily to see if the Elsa dress is back in stock. However, she refuses to pay hundreds of dollars for the dress on eBay.

“It’s ridiculous, it just makes me so angry because there are these little girls out there who want these dresses and most parents can’t pay that kind of money.”

Instead, Hughart has her eye on a replica dress for her 7-year-old daughter on the online handmade marketplace, Etsy.

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