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Frost burned pansies: Q & A

Purple pansy in the snow
Purple pansy in the snow

This has been a harsh winter for pansies and annual flowers in Atlanta and North Georgia gardens and landscapes. We're not alone, I recently received the following question from a reader in Texas:

"I did not cover my pansies during two snows and days of freezing weather. What can I do to nurse them back blooming stage?"

And here is my answer:

To reviatalize frost burned winter flowers, do the following:

  1. Cut off any dead or burned flowers and foliage.
  2. Re-apply mulch to the bed.
  3. Ensure your flowers are adequately watered, even if temperatures are below freezing, in which case be sure to water strictly the soil, avoiding wetting the foliage.
  4. When temperatures break, apply a liquid flower fertilizer according to the labeled directions.

Have you had any problems this winter with frost/freeze burned pansies, violas, or other annual flowers?

Some annual flower installations in the Atlanta area.

Abdurrahim is the lead designer at the Lilburn based, award-winning landscape design firm, Proudland Landscape, LLC.
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