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Front row seating at Baltimore Fashion Week

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This article was inspired by a Facebook post/comment by Fashion Week Fever, entitled, "Front row to fashion: Who sits where at New York Fashion Week can be tricky business." This has always been an issue on my mind and this year we will put it into play.

I have always been told if you continue to build on it (Baltimore Fashion Week), eventually they will come.

Sometimes in the blueprint of a vision, changes and tweaks are a major requirement. We are taking Baltimore Fashion Week back to its original grassroots production phases for 2014. By returning to its roots, Baltimore Fashion Week will return to the type of marketing done in 2008. Sometimes you have to reach back in the past and blend a little of the past with the present and sprinkle just a dash into the future to get the type outcome deserved. Now noticed I used the word DESERVED instead of want. To me, the word wants means that you are settling for whatever is provided, but DESERVED means that a person will accept nothing but the best. The BEST is what the designers, models, sponsors, participants and guests deserve and this year the Lord Baltimore Hotel, will aid the production team in delivering just that. Wooooo Hooo . . let me calm down I almost went on a tangent for a second - now let me return back to the subject at hand "front row seating."

Front row seats for Baltimore Fashion Week will be devoted to special guests INVITED to attend Baltimore Fashion Week 2014 - August 14-17, 2014. These seats will only be available if they are available, if you get my drift.

Tickets for Baltimore Fashion Week will be one set price. Just like we did in 2008 and 2009 the prices will be one set price and seats will be on a first come first serve basis. Guests will arrive and will be escorted to the first available seat. You never know, someone may end up on FRONT ROW.

This is just the beginning of this fundraising iceberg. Stay tuned for my next post.

With love, hugs, and kisses I end this post.

Always with a smile and a dream,




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