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Front Range Pagan festival 'Beltania' only 23 days away!

Beltania May Pole 2011
Beltania May Pole 2011
Michelle Cole

Merry Meet!

Our local Beltane celebration is only 23 days away! Four days of camping, drumming, dancing, ritual, workshops and of course the main attraction: the May Pole. Last year was my first experience with a May Pole and it was not only fun but great exercise as well! This year the goal is to make a worlds’ record for number of people dancing a May Pole, so it should be a lot of fun; it’s really amazing how at first the ribbons seem all tangled but suddenly out of chaos a pattern emerges.

This year they are offering something they have not done before: a One Day Pass for Saturday only! For those who simply cannot camp at all, you don’t have to pay full price for one day! If you buy your pass before the end of April, it is $45 and after May 1st, it goes to $50. My husband and I are planning on attending the full four days with three nights of camping-last year we only camped one night and I am very much looking forward to the closest thing I've had to a vacation in almost 3 years! Whether you are an old hat at Ritual or simply curious…if you love camping, crowds of joyful people and lots of delightful entertainment this is the place for you!