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From vampire to Musketeer?



  • maggiemay 6 years ago

    Have to admit I'm partial as I've been a fan since Blood Ties, some others have been fans of his earlier work. All in all though, just by seeing the acting talent he exhibited in Blood Ties I can see anyone else playing D'Artagnan. This role would be perfect for him and would fit him like a glove. I can only hope that the studios take notice of him and do the right thing, sign him up! I'd love to see him in this movie. He'd be great in it.

  • maggiemay 6 years ago

    Whoops, should read "can't" see anyone else...

  • Lindyb 6 years ago

    Kyle Schmid is perfect for the role of a swashbuckling hero, like d'Artagnan. His portrayal of Henry Fitzroy leaves no doubt that he is THE choice to play the lead in this kind of film. Warner Brothers or Summit Entertainment have a golden opportunity to introduce a new star. So, to get in the spirit of things, "All for one and one for all!!"

  • Heather 6 years ago

    Kyle would be awesome as d'Artagnan. He's deffinately got the looks and personality, plus he's already got experience playing a historical character, and he brings so much emotion to every character he plays. Not to mention the loyal fanbase that would be waiting in line opening night to see him, and that gorgeous smile, on the big screen...

  • Soni 6 years ago

    Oooh, I soo love that line "With his Jon Bon Joviesque looks" ;o)
    I agree with all the posters here thus far, Kyle would be perfect for the role. Not just in terms of the fact that he is indeed a "looker", but his talent (for such a young man) is remarkable (how many of us couldn't get over the fact that he was a mere what 22 or so when he played vampire Henry Fitzroy). It's about time H'wood stood up and paid (more) attention to this noteworthy actor!

  • Lady_Bird 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for keeping Kyle in print. It's good to know that others are paying attention. He's such a good actor and deserves more than bad guy roles in low budget horror movies.

  • Char 6 years ago

    Nice article, Raelynn. Kyle Schmid certainly deserves better parts than he's been getting (JR2) and he would make an excellent D'Artganan just as he made an excellent Henry. Also in pre-production is another Henry Fitzroy show, "Smoke and Mirrors" and as much as I'd love to see him in the (good) movies, I'd love to see Henry again.

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