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From the Vault: Gigantic


Starring Paul Dano, Zooey Deschanel, John Goodman
Rated R; available on DVD

“You guys seem pretty normal.”
“We’re not. You have a right to be worried and afraid."

I'm going to give it to you straight: This is a weird movie. A lot of people will probably find it disjointed, pretentious, and irritating. And it is. Still, there is something sweet enough at its core to flavor the blander edges.

Brian (Dano) has wanted only one thing his whole life: To adopt a Chinese baby. He pursues this goal tirelessly, even though as a single, 29-year-old male working for peanuts at a mattress store, he is less than an ideal candidate. After selling an expensive mattress to a wealthy and politically incorrect customer (Goodman), Brian then meets Harriet or "Happy" (Deschanel), the man's beautiful, quirky daughter. When she stops by the store and falls asleep on one of the beds, it marks the start of a strange yet endearing courtship between her and Brian. However, as the indecisive Happy gets to know him better, she begins to fear what she perceives as his “normalcy” and desperately backpedals. What she doesn’t realize is that Brian has demons of his own, and confronting them is the only way for either of them to derive any potential joy from their lives, whether they do it separately or together.

Dano (Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood) and Deschanel (The Happening, Yes Man, 500 Days of Summer) are becoming the king and queen of offbeat characters. While they are both fascinating to watch, they may soon find themselves forever typecast, which can be the kiss of death for up and coming Hollywood players (just ask Michael Cera). Still, they continue to do what they do best in Gigantic, which saves the film from being a waste of time. Goodman is great as Al Lolly, showing some of his Big Lebowski flair, although it is considerably scaled back. All in all, the final ten minutes of the film are fantastic and make the often wobbly journey worthwhile.


  • nora 5 years ago

    Zooey is so adorable!!!!! Love all your comments on Indie films! More people should take the time to check these films out! You ROCK!