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From the Vault: Annihilation full card list leaked


The next From the Vault product to be released, Annihilation, is all about board wipes. And since everyone has their favorite battlefield clearing spell, there's been speculation and wishful thinking about its contents all around. But now a Reddit thread seems to have uncovered the From the Vault: Annihilation box insert listing each card:

Armageddon (new art)
Firespout (new art)
Child of Alara
Virtue's Ruin
Rolling Earthquake
Wrath of God (new art)
Smokestack (new art)
Burning of Xinye
Cataclysm (new art)
Living Death (new art)
Decree of Annihilation (new art)
Fracturing Gust
Martial Coup

All in all, this is a diverse list, representing all colors and not just the usual suspects of white, black, and red. Some of the cards, as is customary for products like these, are obscure Portal-set-only ones, such as the Portal: Three Kingdoms cards Rolling Earthquake and Burning of Xinye, which have a degree of Commander popularity. Infamously powerful stuff like Armageddon and Smokestack made it in, much to the delight of Vintage players, and the quality of the new art so far looks to be top-notch.

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