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From the parrot's beak: whatchu talkin' about Willis edition

Summertime and the living is easy for parrots and people.
Summertime and the living is easy for parrots and people.
George Sommers

- Philippine cockatoo; yellow-crested cockatoo declared endangered and the white cockatoo as threatened under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 per U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. According to Parrot Society of New England, "The AFA fought this listing for captive birds but the federal government does not agree that captive birds are not a threat to wild flocks." Rick Jordan of American Federation for Aviculture says,"They did have the foresight to implement a 'special rule' for this species similar to the one with the Moluccan cockatoo. There are no permits required for interstate commerce but the species is now listed and other rules do apply including the keeping of records on the breeding, sale, and movement of all specimens."

- Parrot fever fallout: Family sues Petsmart after father dies, daughter in coma following cockatiel purchase --The Georgia Department of Agriculture is quarantining PetSmart stores in the state and the Odessa, TX Petsmart has stopped selling parakeets as a precaution: -- A Texas woman whose Petsmart parakeet died from psittacosis/chlamydia; alleges among other things that infected birds from the breeding facility are escaping the into the wilds of Texas. Sugar coating not included. -- And speaking of disease: --

- Mother of one of Ozzi the parrot's killers speaks out: (Note: misspellings, obscenity and misspelled obscenity unedited) "3 cops killed down East and not half the publicity and u wand to kill my kid over a fucken bird." She is promising to show up at the next court date, scheduled for July 9, on her Harley.

- Mary rows not: Weather, safety concerns force Mary Rose to cancel trans-Pacific row for bird conservation:

- Summer issues roundup: Birds in flight.... on airplanes: While it might be easier to leave your bird at home with a competent bird sitter, if you must bring your bird on an airplane certain preparations will make for a smoother flight. -- Beat the heat and keep your bird safe this summer:

- Wild Spix's macaws; the inspiration for "Rio", can no longer be found in Brazil. but might fnd heir salvation in the deserts of Qatar.

- Psittacine cinema: Greater sulphur crested cockatoos and king parrots eating out of children's hands: -- African grey lives on a sailboat. No wonder he's named Lucky!: -- The latest from Disco the parakeet: -- Singing cockatiel with sushi box hat: -- How're things, Mr. African grey: -- Cockatiel singing to bunny: -- Caveat emptor, potential parrot owners: -- Oh, they know what they're talking about alright: -- Cockatoo has no comment in interview: -- Ada the cockatoo takes a (rain) shower: -- Pepe the ticklish lovebird: -- Mealtime for baby lovebird: -- Delbert the amazon talking to Barbara Heidenreich: -- Lobo the loving lorikeet:

- Life after death: What to do if your long lived parrot outlives you. kareb=n johnson foster

- Alarming situation: A burglary alarm in Don's Mobile Glass, Modesto CA alerted police to enter and search for an intruder. There were no signs of a burglary or forced entry. Police however did notice that the store's parrot, kept in a cage in the front showroom, appeared to be in critical condition. First appearing lifeless, when prodded the parrot could not stand on its legs and flapped about on its back. An officer opened the cage and scooped the bird into a basket, handing it to a store employee who came to the scene and took the bird to a local veterinary clinic. Police determined that there was no burglary and that the bird somehow set off the alarm. The parrot has lived at the business for years, and has not been known to activate the alarm before. Current condition of the bird is not yet known although it appeared to be in grave condition.

- Kakapo Recovery setback: Lionel, first found on Stewart Island in 1981 has passed away under unknown circumstances. Total population now 126.

- Splish, splash the parrot should be taking a bath:

- Hookbill happenings: Lara Joseph says the July event at The Animal Behavior Center, LLC is likely to sell out. If you haven't reserved your seats yet, contact -- "Life with Alex" screening at the Salem Cinema, Salem, OR on 6/29 & 30. Follow the African grey parrot, colleagues: Dr. Irene Pepperberg, lab manager Arlene Levin-Rowe and their student assistants. Alex's accomplishments changed forever what we know about how animals think. Includes never-before-footage in which Alex uses meaningful human speech. Dr. Pepperberg will be present and have a Q&A session. DVDs and other Alex Foundation merchandise available.Tickets at the box office or on-line at For those unable to attend, the film is available for purchase at and

- Parrot conservation, rescue and advocacy groups:

- American Federation for Aviculture and what it has to offer is the subject of a Linda S. Rubin interview with Bird Channel. More up to date benefits can be found on the AFA website at

- Showtime: 6/28: Steel City Pet Expo David L. Lawrence Convention Center, 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 10-6 800-977-3609 ext. 103

- Rescue me: Parrot Troopers Ticket Special-Win a $200 Gift Certificate to My Safe Bird Store 6/22-30 8:00pm EST. -- While Chico is a barrel of laughs and speaks fluent Spanish, he can be quite a handful. Chico has been returned to Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary several times due to aggressive and loud tendencies, but he never stops making us laugh.If you want to sponsor Chico, click here

- Lost: Jack; conure in Allentown, PA on 6/1 Email is Owner has band number and certificate. Reward. -- Found: A bird was found in the North Fargo, ND area. Contact the Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education to describe species and coloring to claim at 701-293-3833. -- Lost: Zack, Timneh African grey; Ellesmere, Toronto, Canada. Call 416-554-5183 or 416-446-7795. -- Sighted: Macaw in Newbury Park, CA has been sitting in a tree squawking very loudly. Phone: 7605147530 -- Lost: Charlie, African grey Harlow Essex, UK Call 07920715833 -- Lost: Carly Lu, African grey, San Diego. for details:

- LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Everyone's a critic: Some readers objected to last week's coverage of the Petsmart parrot fever situation. One AFA member asks: "Nationwide outbreak in parrot fever? Do you mean a contained occurrence of Chlamydia in some of PetSmart's birds?" Editor: Minimally several hundred birds, 511 stores and 44 states have been effected, according to Petsmart and Rainbow Exotics statements, which in our book, constitutes a nationwide outbreak. AFA: "...a person visually diagnosed a few PetCo birds and therefore all pet stores (or all chains?) must be bad... ... no honorable Doctor would prematurely state a definite viral cause, then denounce all pet stores because of what happened in a single store in North Haven 'a couple of years ago.'" Ed: There was neither any quote nor editorial comment denouncing any stores/chains as evil, and the observation in question was made by a trained MD.

- News tips: Sioux-elyn Is, Feathers for Native Americans, Mary Angel, Barbara Heidenreich, Lisa Bono, Isabella's Aviary, Feathered Sanctuary, American Federation for Aviculture group email, Viki Bullock, Arlene Levin, Flapping Feathers newsletter, Linda Rubin, The Parrot Club Bulletin, Lanette Raymond, Ray Riley, Linda Bringle Pearl, Republic of Birds, Forgetmenot Bird Sanctuary, Deb White, Republic of Birds, Sheldon Orloff, Positive Parrot, Angela Cancilla Herschel, I Love Parrots, Lara Joseph, Linda Bringle Pearl

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