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From the parrot's beak:summertime disaster edition

Diorama decorates window of Lakeville parrot shop.
Diorama decorates window of Lakeville parrot shop.
George Sommers

- The torture killing of Canadian Asem Al-Dahoubi's beloved 10 year old Congo African grey parrot Ozzi, after he left her unattended outside prompted a torrent of outrage and sympathy on the social media. A 15 year old boy has been arrested after bragging about the deed and another teenage boy may have been involved. We can hardly blame the raccoons, hawks, etc.; that might make an easy meal out of a parrot left outside. We can, however, blame and appropriately punish the human miscreants who torture and kill animals merely for some kind of kick.:

- Dirty Pollytics: Macaw has worse than mud to fling in a dirty tricks political ad:

- Crime-busting parrot: Kuzya the eclectus is the pet of Russian interpreter Gennadi Kurkul of London. "About 4 am when we heard Kuzya let out a massive scream. The noise he made must have terrified the burglars because they ran straight out of the house", Mr Kurkul told local newspaper "The Docklands". Despite the thieves nicking off with his wallet by reaching through a window, when they opened the door and entered the house, Kuzya made sure to scare them off before they could take anything else. The bird’s name translates as ‘house spirit’, which seems appropriate after his recent escapade.

- Hybrid parrots, especially macaws; result when different species breed. The resulting offspring can be strikingly beautiful - but controversial.

- Pscittacine cinema: "The Real Macaw" Australian movie trailer: --Polly wanna weird commercial? -- Baby lovebird born disabled is helped by siblings: -- Baby macaw and researcher in wildlife rehab program: -- Jasper the African grey: -- African grey Tui has a tantrum: -- Willow the eclectus playing with his toy car. -- California man's nine macaws fly free outside his house. -- Visit to a parrot workshop: -- Dancing cockatoo: -- And another dancing cockatoo: -- Gucci the macaw sings "Tequila":

- Budgie brigade: Guess the number of budgies in this video, we dare ya!: -- Not at all stupid pet budgie tricks: -- Info blog and videos: -- Disco adds his two cents, and then some:

- Size matters: what about the shape of a birdcage?:

- What's bugging you?: Bird safe ways to eliminate insects in your home: misting coconut oil and vinegar from a spray bottle for spiders, Diatomaceous earth (food grade) mixed with water misting outside and inside for bugs, dryer sheets (do not hang in parrots' reach) beds and other areas eliminates and prevents mosquitos and bed bugs and sage in a muslin bags hanging around the home will prevent and eliminate flying insects. In your yard hang a bird feeder to reduce mosquitos.

- This is the story about hurricane protection for birds:

- Parrot quote o' the week: "Though I love my birds, I would give up having more should they all be able to survive in the wild again. Then I would rescue those who could not survive any longer in the wild. I rescue mine as it is and at least give them a loving home where they are family, not pets." - Lynne Early Foster

- Kakapo corner: Barbara Heidenreich reports from New Zealand on kakapo training . . -- Kakapo killed in landslide on Codfish island. --Kakapo nest cam live feed:

-May the reinforce be with you: Wildlife rehabilitator Angela Cancilla Herschel says height "dominance", i.e. your bird thinking he's boss because he's up higher than you, is a myth. "With height dominance.... think of it this way ...'If your kid is in a treehouse and won't come down when you call... it is probably because it is more reinforcing to stay up in that fun treehouse that being down on the ground. Remember behavior has function ...when on your shoulder he finds it reinforcing more than being anywhere else and it is your job to find a place he finds just as reinforcing besides your shoulder." She continues, "Biting is a learned behavior . He bites because he is reinforced by you (who he has learned he thinks is an aversive) moving away. must give him a way of being able to say 'no' in gentler ways ..and have him understand that the gentle ways are still understood and respected by him...otherwise he will learn to bite down harder and harder until you finally do 'listen' to his request." And finally, "To be outside with clipped wings is a false sense of security. ... if the bird gets spooked it can and will fly and fly far enough to get lost and have a terrible and often tragic disadvantage . Everyone should teach their bird to come for safety . Most people already know their bird is smarter than most other pets and so why not teach them to come when called ?" Article by Gay Noeth ton the subject of clipping:

- Lara Joseph's upcoming July seminar sneak preview

- Parrotrivia: The palm cockatoo's nesting behavior is unique among cockatoos in that it builds a platform of twigs inside its nest cavity.

- One woman's blues; blue throated macaws, that is:

- Showtime: 6/7-8: Tim Vogle's Southeastern Exotic Bird Fair - Atlanta State Farmers Market, 16 Forest Pkwy, Forest Park, GA - Sat 9-5, Sun 9-4 - 843-216-1553 - -- 6/8: Exotic Bird Fair Expo - Circleville Volunteer Fire Department, 129 North Robbins Station Road, North Huntingdon, PA - 10-4 - 419-685-2412 - -- 6/10: Kids and fids invited to Caare Nd (Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Rehabilitation) of North Dakota appearance at the Moorhead Library Tuesday at 10:00am. -- 6/14-15: Georgia Budgerigar Society Show - Walton County Agricultural Education Center, 1208 Criswell Road, Monroe, GA. - 9-3 - 770-277-9038 - -- Appalachian Bird Breeders & Exhibitors NCS Triple Show - Appalachian BirdBreeders, 1652 Pisgah State Road, Shermans Dale, PA - Sat 8-5, Sun 8-1 - 774-281-3307 - 6/14: D&S Exotic Birds and Mill Creek Aviary Bird Fair - Pvt. Leonard Post Jr. VFW, 2450 Walden Ave., Cheektowaga, NY - 9-3 pm - 716-563-6896 - -- 2014 Carroll County Pet Expo - 706 Agriculture Center, Shipley Arena, Westminster, MD 21157 - 9-3 - 410-857-7869 -

- Rescue me: Bobby the citron cockatoo needs your heelp: linda bringle pearl supppor t Mary Rowes (see last issue) -- Parrot Troopers is featuring Parrots First Rescue and Sanctuary. Purchase raffle tickets and you could win a $200 Gift Certificate to My Safe Bird Store. Funds raised will be used to purchase a GC and then balance of proceeds will be used to provide toys and food to a rescue in need. -- Metro Denver Parrot Rescue's website is -- Forgetmenot Parrot Sanctuary‎ looking for Nevada Bird Owners to place some birds into loving homes.

- Found: Cockatiel Patchgue, NY -- Lost: Duffy, make eclectus Blacklick, Ohio. Last seen in the Willowbrook Crossing and Royal Elm area on 6/1/14. Contact 614-264-1711.-- Found: African grey parrot. Lancaster, PA Contact Feathered Sanctuary.

- News tips: Aruna Aquarius, Emmett Renshaw, Lanette Raymond, Viki Bullock, Republic of Birds, Joyce Dowling, Ray Riley, Sharon Williams-Coffin, American Federation for Aviculture newsletter, Caare Nd, Karen Johnson Foster, Dawn Korpalski, Audrey O'Connor, Sally Blanchard, Angela Cancilla Herschel, Flapping Feathers newsletter

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