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From the parrot's beak: St. Patrick's edition

A quiet parrot that doesn't make a mess.
George Sommers

PHOTO CAPTION: If you're looking for a quiet parrot that doesn't make a mess, this may be the one for you.

- "Rio 2" opens on Easter! Scroll down for entire article.

- We can only hope they're not cat burglars: The UK National Wildlife Crime Unit has issued an alert to bird owners and breeders of an increase in thefts of budgerigars, canaries and finches.

- Paging Dr. Frankenstein: The Carolina parakeet is one of 14 extinct animals that might be brought back to life:

- All too brief bio: Newly hatching kakapo chick should be good news for these endangered parrots. Huhana One arrives on March 11, raising kakapo population to 126! -- A photographic chronology: Setback: kakapo population drops back down to 125 as Huhana's chick dies a few hours after hatching. It's an unfortunate reality of the kākāpō recovery effort which will nevertheless persevere.

- Charlie the blue and gold macaw gets job at Legoland a publicity-savvy family attraction after defeating three other birds at final audition with playing-dead act. Charlie, 32, caught judges' eyes to win a perch at the Legoland Windsor Resort hotel after the call went out to parrot owners the length and breadth of the land. A final four competed for the honor. But Tracey, a scarlet macaw with enviable scootering skills, Zico, a green-winged who can push a tiny trolley, and Jethro, a hybrid who can deftly place gold coins in his own treasure chest, were all outshone by Charlie. Not that Charlie just falls off her perch. Rather, she rolls over and plays dead, leading judges to describe her as "a born buccaneering double-bluffer" and perfect pirate's first mate. She will star in the Castaway Camp, a new pirate adventure play area. Her owner, Peter Bloom, 55, from Pickering, north Yorkshire, has had Charlie for 30 years since he bought her in Scotland where she was hatched.

- That's no leprechaun, it's the Parrot Wizard, Michael Sazhin speaking about adopting and working with rescue parrots at Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in NYC 4-6 on March 22. Sure to be a pot o'gold worth of information for FREE. Hey, had to get the St. Patrick's references in there somewhere!

- Psittacine cinema: Risky business- another of those cat playing with birds video, which (again) "From the parrot's beak" strongly recommends against: -- Cockatiel challenges you to name that classic tv theme song!: -- Cockatoo enjoys watching self on video: -- Dancing lovebird: -- Einstein thinks Matthew McConaughey is alright! -- tony silva, aviculturist of 40 years:

- Did ya hear the one about the Pope, the parrot and the male stripper?:

- Health matters round-up: Lead and other metals can be toxic to birds: -- Interesting and well-researched article on grit in a parrot’s diet: -- Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center profile: -- Birds wake up with the sun and they will expect you to do the same. Be prepared to adjust your sleep schedule as needed to accommodate your feathered friend. Your bird will need his breakfast soon after waking, and you'll have to be there to serve it. -- Fruit pits and seeds contain harmful toxins. The fruit skin itself is okay and very healthy, just be sure to take out all seeds and pits before serving. Read more at -- Calling all vampires(?) How to safely remove a blood feather:

- When is a parrot not a parrot?: Amazing artwork:

- Don't expect your bird to be a social butterfly. You may well end up with a bird that is completely tame when you deal with him, but refuses to tolerate other people. While there are certain species that are more prone to becoming "one person birds" than others, it can happen to any bird, particularly if only one person cares for and interacts with it. If you are buying a bird for your family, it's imperative that everyone learns as much as they can about the bird, and participates in its care and maintenance. Otherwise, your pet may decide to play favourites, which can lead to sore fingers and hurt feelings.

- The orange-bellied parrot from southern Australia is one of only two species of parrot that migrate. As of late 2013, there were fewer than 50 in the wild and fewer than 300 individuals in a captive breeding population. Orange-bellied parrots are being bred in a captive breeding program with parrots in Taroona, Tasmania, Healesville Sanctuary, Adelaide Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, Halls Gap Zoo, Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park and Priam Parrot Breeding Centre.

- Parrotrivia: A parrot logo is featured on a rare vintage red design Polly's Soda Pop 12 oz bottle from the 1940s/50s and from Independence, MO.

- Cockatiel hour: Five things you must know about cockatiel care by Linda Rubin: Long time friend of the column Linda is resigning from American Federation for Aviculture posts of Specialty Director and chair of the AVY Awards Committee; will continue to work in the AFA House of Delegates after a very tumultuous year; saying, "I am looking forward to now fulfilling personal work projects I have long placed on hold."

-Bummer news dep't.: Mass hoarding case in Mass. : Animal welfare officials removes 199 animals, including 81 birds, from a Lynnfield , MA home. The cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds and other animals are now being cared for by various rescue outfits. -- Macaw kept in parakeet cage for 17 years:

- From the duh dep't.: Invest in a really good vacuum. Birds are quite messy, to put it lightly. In many cases, you will need to sweep or vacuum daily to keep up with the constant flow of seed hulls and other debris that will accumulate around your pet's cage. Be sure that you are up to this task before bringing a bird into your home.

- The only species of parrot that builds a nest is the quaker. Quakers link their nests together to form structures akin to "bird condominiums". These nests can reach weights greater than 200 lbs.

- Talking bird people talk: Last month Dr. Susan Clubb and Terry Timberlake organized The Rainforest Parrot Party in Florida, attended by 400 parrot loving people. Barbara Heidenreich attended; answering questions virtually via Skype. Here is the link. Parrot/Animal Training Workshops coming up in Milwaukee (3/29) and New York City (4/6) More info here If you've ever wanted to find a reason to visit and hang out at Lara Joseph's The Animal Behavior Center, LLC, here's your chance. A July 12/13 seminar features a line-up of speakers and vendors from across the country speaking on a variety of subjects of interest to animal owners. For more information, message them or e-mail

- "Bird brain" is no insult:

- Australia's Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Inc. (WIRES) volunteers in Dubbo have successfully rescued and helped save 25 little corellas and one galah that had been exposed to a harmful pesticide in the Dubbo area of NSW. Already at least three hundred native birds have died mostly little corellas, galahs and sulphur-crested cockatoos. WIRES volunteers have been rescuing birds from the Troy Reserve area and the banks of the Talbragar River and gathering those that had already died. Kayaks are being used to collect birds from the river itself. WIRES volunteers are working with Dubbo Council in an ongoing rescue exercise trying to save as many birds as possible,says Ann Mara, Chair of WIRES Dubbo. Read more at

- Food, glorious food: seed vs. pellet diet.

- Sally Blanchard writes: "Topper is a very smart grey that I bird sit. He has a large vocabulary and often says very appropriate things at just the right moment. When I had my store there was two steps from the back of the store to the front. I was in a hurry because the phone was ringing and I slipped and fell forward down the stairs. I landed hard right in front of the cage Topper was in. I was moaning and groaning but I heard Topper ask me, 'Are you OK?' I looked up at him and said, 'I think I'm gonna live' and he replied, 'Scary stuff'" . To see some of Sally's parrot artwork, go to:

- It's tough being so smart, Griffin the African grey parrot insists his research servants; including Dr.Irene Pepperberg, give him some much needed TLC. Freshman student Athena is learning how this process works. If you want to show your love and support for Griffin and Athena, pick up some raffle tickets in honor of their hatchdays!

- Showtime: 3/16: - Treasure Coast Exotic Bird Club 16th Annual Exotic Bird Expo - Martin County Fairgrounds, 2612 SE Dixie Hwy, Stuart, FL - 9-4 - 772-464-7210 - -- 3/21-23: 14th Annual Super Pet Expo - Dulles Expo Center, 4320 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly, VA - Fri 4-9, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5 - 301-564-4050 - -- 3/22: Connecticut Parrot Society Featherfest - Elks Club, 44 Maynard Street, Middletown, CT- 10-5 - 860-621-5790 -

- Rescue me: Parrot Troopers is raising funds and you could win a 3 ft x 6 ft climbing net ( value $124.99) and a $75.00 gift certificate to My Safe Bird Store. Proceeds after the purchase of the raffle items will be used to provide a food and toy order for Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico. Free shipping to the US. Outside of US will be responsible for shipping costs of the net. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. You can purchase tickets through founder and beginnings of Midwest Avian Adoption and Rescues Services: -- And now a word for some sponsors:

- Found: Cockatoo, Staten Island NY Exotic Bird Health Center profiled: -- Are you missing a cockatiel? One was found on Scottwood Court in Delaware, Ohio. Contact HSDC at 740-369-7387. -- Lost cockatiel Atlanta, Ga $1000. reward.

-News tips: Emmett Renshaw, Susan Maurer, Republic of Birds, American Federation for Aviculture group email, Tonja Ante, Deb White, Barbara Heidenreich, WindyCityParrot, Tina Czerwinski, Midland Parrots, Linda Bringle Pearl, Jan Strong, Lonarae Harner, Mali Kakani, Lanette Raymond, Midland Parrots, Loveyourparrot Friend page, Dawn Korpalski, VIki Bullock, "Boston Globe", Angela Cancilla Herschel, Lanette Raymond, Flapping Feathers newsletter

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