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From the parrot's beak: Q & A edition

Seeing eye to eye at the Birds Of A Feather show in Manchester, NH.
George Sommers

- Wizard's parrot disappears; re-appears 2 days later: Truman, the celebrity Cape parrot belonging to Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin, flew the coop and went missing from a Brooklyn, NY park on 4/21. Happily, he was found 48 hours later by a man in a distant neighborhood, who described a green bird with a white beak and orange on the wings that had been "screaming for hours". Sazhin says, "Sure enough, Truman was sitting on top of the awning playing. He wasn't all that eager to leave. After letting him finish an almond outside, I put his harness on and took him home. He's in good shape and still has energy to fly. I won't be clipping his wings but I will be reconsidering the consequences of outdoor freeflight." Sazhin achieved fame along with Truman and Kili the Senegal starting with the viral video "20 Parrot Tricks in 2 Minutes", through TV and live appearances and his book, "The Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well Behaved Parrots." You can read the complete "48 Hours Missing - Truman's Running Away Story", written by Michael himself, at the following link: For some timely information on what to do if YOUR bird gets lost: And see related story below.

- Size matters: Opins Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin, referring; of course, to parrot cages. He continues, "It brings up a serious issue when big parrots are crammed into cages where they can't even fully open their wings. Meanwhile the standard US jail cell is big enough for an inmate to do jumping jacks without contacting any walls."

- Psittacine cinema: Jonathan macaw vs. Sadie cockatoo dance off: -- Snowball dances to "Another One Bites the Dust": -- The latest from the locquacious Disco: -- Classic parrot clip from "CBS Sunday Morning" -- Galahs and eclectus bathing: \ -- Feathered happiness- a music video:

- Sirocco the kakapo:

- Talking bird people talk: Robin Shewokis heading to Minnesota for the Avian Suites Avian Care Essentials Workshop this weekend. -- Steve Brookes travels the world in search of wild parrots and other wild animals.

- New conservation initiative by American Federation for Aviculture is called Ears for Lear's...macaws that is.

- Parrot sings duet with Barbara Heidenreich: which begs the question, would you rather your parrot sing or scream for attention? Well, DUH-re-mi! Parrot Training Workshop explores the issue Sunday 4/27 in Clayton, CA Visit for more information or call 925-672-4600. Will Barbara be talking about little parrots as well as big parrots at the upcoming workshop?Absolutely!! Check out upcoming workshops

- Like we've told you a million times: Do your birds and dogs (and other animals) play together? Read about "The Day My Cockatiel Ended Up in Husky Jaws"

- In past parrot literature, the caique was often called "the little tapir parrot". The connection? The call of the caique sounds much like the whistling sound of the tapir. From Sally Blanchard's Beak Bites on the Companion Parrot Website -- Sally also asks, "I am working on Issue #82 of the Companion Parrot Online Magazine and if you run a rescue or know someone who has a quality rescue, please let me know at my email:

- Is your parrot a chicken?: Wildlife rehabilitator Angela Cancilla Herschel‎ says, "To help your bird's fears it would be wise to approach without looking directly at him/her and stop moving at that point that your bird shows fear (if stays calm can you move closer . ..until however long it takes till you are allowed finally close.) No sneaky behaviors: that means no stealing a scratch on the head ( no matter how tempting) without his/her 'permission' . You have no choice in servicing the cage and you might want to give your bird a special verbal cue that will alert him/her to know ahead of time that you are going to be changing bowls etc. in the cage.... just letting your bird know always your intentions always before will help him/her to know what is to be expected and happening around him/her."

- Has your bird ever gotten off to a rocky start with a friend or family member? Bird behaviorist shares tips on how to start reworking on their relationship here:

- Who ya gonna call?: If you have a legislative issue or problem Genny Wall, American Federation for Aviculture legislative Vice President If you need help with your birds after a natural disaster Fred Smith, AFA disaster relief chair If you have questions about the AFA conference Jamie Whittaker, Conference Chair All other questions Rick Jordan, AFA Office Find your regional director and state coordinator here to help you with AFA questions The speaker and topic list for the AFA 2014 Conference 7/30-8/2 Portland Oregon.

- Clubbin': Flapping Feathers of NJ meets Sun. 4/27 1:30 pm Land and Sea Diner and Restaurant 20-12 Fair Lawn Avenue Fair Lawn, NJ This is a Sunday lunch meeting. Please bring your gently worn used shoes to the meeting (in a bag please) to raise money for Under My Wing Avian Refuge.

- Showtime: 4/26-27: Atlanta’s Exotic Bird Fair - North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Court, Norcross, GA - Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4 - 770-279-9899 - -- 5/2-4: Reading Pet Expo - Greater Reading Expo Center, 2525 North 12 Street, Reading, PA - Fri 2-7, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-7 - 800-677-4677 - -- 5/3-4: Phoenix Landing Wellness Retreat - The Sherrill Center, 227 Campus Drive, Asheville, NC - 9-5 - -- 5/3: Richmond Pet Expo - Richmond Raceway Complex, 600 East Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, VA - 10-6 - 800-977-3609 ext. 103 -- Florida West Coast Avian Society Exotic Bird Extravaganza - Potter Building at the Sarasota Fairgrounds, 3000 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34237 - 10-4 - 941-475-7103 -

- Lost: Marvin, African grey parrot 4/18 Yorkshire, England. Contact Midland Parrots on 01530 263399.

- Rescue me: Jasper the nanday conure needs a little help: -- Help rehomed companion birds: -- Contribute to Garuda Aviary:

- News tips: WindyCityParrot, Linda Bringle Pearl, Viki Bullock, Concetta Ferragamo, Linda Bringle Pearl, Midland Parrots, Proff Galah, Karen Johnson Foster, Linda Rubin, Sheldon Orloff, Lanette Raynond, Flapping Feathers newsletter

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