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From the parrot's beak: please let April be April edition

Concetta Ferragamo and Hank the black palm cockatoo.
Concetta Ferragamo and Hank the black palm cockatoo.
George Sommers

- PHOTO CAPTION: American Federation for Aviculture's Concetta Ferragamo, here with Hank the black palm cockatoo, co-hosts the Sat. 4/5 Parrot Safari Club of New England meeting featuring Jason Crean speaking on the benefits of tea for parrots.

- Ruby the African grey kicked out of garden center for swearing: SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE:

- Parrot teaches boy to talk: Dylan Hargreaves, four, is autistic; with severe learning difficulties and had never uttered a single word. Several months ago, his parents added a three-year-old blue-and-gold macaw named Barney to the family. Suddenly, Dylan began to speak, repeating words that the parrot said including “Night, night”, “Dad”, “Mum”, “Ta”, “Hello” and “Bye”. “Every time I gave the bird something to say, Dylan started trying to say the same thing. I think it’s because the bird says things slower than me, which helps Dylan understand," says Dylan's mother, Michelle. She believes that her son will soon be saying “Barney”, because he loves his companion so much.Source@

- "Bird clubs are going the way of the dodo," asserts Robin Shewokis; co-founder of the Parrot Safari Club of New England.Bird Club. The likely culprit is the Internet; unfortunate since there's a lot of conflicting - and even outright false information - in cyberland. The good news is, Robin's Facebook friends who belong to a bird club can send her a private message with club name and contact information to get a special discount code for club members for 20% off any toy purchases at Weymouth, MA based

- Tax day is coming: Here's some breaks for parrot workers:

- Springtime can be hazardous to bird owners:

- Psittacine cinema: A flock of tricky parrots: -- The Parrot Wizard demonstrates how NOT to discipline a parrot: -- Cockatoo chases bunny: -- Rico the cockatoo: and -- African grey thinks he's a chicken: -- Working with young macaws: -- Budgie buddy with cats: (As always, "Parrot's beak" strongly advises against mixing birds with naturally predatory animals.) -- Peekin' Rico: -- When parrot meets squirrel:

- Wise saying: Wishing your parrot could talk is fun until you remember everything you have ever said in front of your bird.

- Crazy for keas? Check out this study.

- Snowball the dancing cockatoo update from NPR:

- Talking bird people talk: This Sunday! Join on Barbara Heidenreich for"Intro to Parrot Training and Hands on Training Seminars" New York, NY. Hosted by Fauna NYC, a beautiful boutique pet store on the upper west side. Barbara will be presenting two seminars. From 11 AM to 2 PM learn the basics of parrot training. The second seminar has participants training Fauna's resident birds with one on one coaching from Barbara. Visit for more information and to reserve your spot in each seminar. -- Lara Joseph will be giving a 2-3 day hands-on animal behavior, training & enrichment workshop focusing on interacting with animals with force free June at The Animal Behavior Center, LLC. For more: -- And from the too much information department, Sally Blanchard relates, "Years ago I tried to toilet train my parrots. Bongo Marie always had a huge morning plop and I would hold her over the toilet and she would go. When I put her on the seat should wiggle around and make funny noises - it was hysterical. On the other hand, Paco was obviously bored by the whole thing and never understood that she should wait until I got her to the toilet. I never flushed when they were in the bathroom because I knew it would create a column of bacteria and I eventually gave up on the toilet training and trained them to go in a wastebasket when I got them up." - The story of African grey "Bongo Marie and the Cornish Game Hen" by Sally Blanchard was published in "Time" magazine. Read it at:

- A little off the beak, please: The best way to assist your parrot in grooming its own nails and beak is to have a variety of destructible chewing toys and accessories such as grooming perches available and appropriately placed within their cage at all times.

- Perks of pet parakeets:

- Organic diets for parrots deb white

- Easter notwithstanding; Overproduction of eggs is the subject of a Frank Indiviglio blog: frnk

- Showtime: 4/12: Beantown Pet Expo - South Shore Expo Center, 8 Natalie Way, Plymouth, MA -10-6 - 800-977-3609 x108 - -- WMass Bird Expo 2014 - Ludlow Elks Club, 69 Chapin St., Ludlow, MA - 9- 3- 413-283-7890 - -- 4/12-13: Greater Charlotte Cage Bird Society Spring Expo - NC Army National Guard, 300 6th St., Belmont, NC - Sat 9-4, Sun 9-2 - 704-812-8283 - -- 4/13: Birds of a Feather Spring Expo - All Dogs Gym, 505 Sheffield Road, Manchester, NH - 9-4 - 603-362-6106 -

- Rescue me: Spring bird adoption event The North Jersey Sanctuary For Exotic Birds; 4/26/27; 5/17/18, 12-5 Under My Wing Avian Refuge 1243 Rte 23 North, Wantage NJ Get Qualified for Adoption Before the Events Publisher Sandy Lender wants to use "In Your Flock" magazine to raise funds for Avian Bornavirus and PDD research. You can help researchers identify which strains of ABV may or may not progress to PDD; learn and report best husbandry practices. The Senegal parrots and cockatiels at Ginger's Parrots Rescue need your support: - and you can win an autographed copy of "The Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots" and a $100 Amazon gift card.

- Lost: Lovebird; Minnesota:

- Last word: Rio says goodbye:

- News tips: Concetta Ferragamo, Dawn Korpalski, Jes Mert, Lisa Bono, Republic of Birds, Deb White, Linda Bringle Pearl, Sarah Katherine, Irena Schulz, Barbara Heidenreich, Michael Sazhin, Viki Bullock, Lara Joseph, Dennis Bohn, Feathered Sanctuary, Flapping Feathers newsletter

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