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From the parrot's beak: parrots don't lay Easter eggs edition

Baby parrots.
George Sommers

- PHOTO CAPTION: Baby parrots attend their first Birds Of A Feather show in Manchester, NH.

- "Rio 2" director Carlos Saldanha interview: In its opening week, "Rio 2" came in a close box office 2nd to "Captain America." Meanwhile, a debate rages within American Federation for Aviculture ranks over whether or not the film and its predecessor promote an anti-captivity, anti-domestic breeding view of parrots.

- Freak show: Very rare budgie looks like halves of two different budgies sewn together:

- Amazon parrot scammers demand $12000+ ransom money: CONTINUE SCROLLING FOR ARTICLE:

- The mysterious night parrot of Australia, thought to be extinct until its rediscovery last year; is the subject of an upcoming documentary film:

- Pscittacine cinema: Skiing hyacinth macaw just a bit late for Sochi: -- Green-rumped parrotlets learn their names in the wild. -- Training an African grey parrot to station: -- Phillipe the cockatoo sings: -- Lucky the African grey and his unlucky water bowl: -- Baby budgies growth stages:

- Kakapo corner: Kakapo chick Lisa1 looking good- proving you can even fix a cracked egg with duct tape! --Boom! Heather One, the surprise chick on Little Barrier Island wasn't doing too well so was flown to Auckland Zoo for treatment. It's now doing well and adoring fans may get the chance to see the chick in May. -- A little press for kakapo chick Lisa1 129 kakapo in the world. -- Live kakapo nest cam:

- Conservation conversation: Biologist Juliana Machado Ferreira, a TED Senior Fellow, talks about her work helping to save birds and other animals stolen from the wild in Brazil. Once these animals are seized from smugglers, she asks, then what?

- Bird allergies:

- Denise Cabral of Mass. Cage Bird Association, Josee Bermingham of Rolf Hagen Inc., avian vet Dr. George Messenger, former Long Island Parrot Society Pres. Lanette Raymond, Ray Schwartz of Birds of a Feather NH and Melanie Allen of the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute were presented plaques for their service to the avian community by AFA northeast chair Concetta Ferragamo at the Birds of a Feather Avicultural Society's 4/13 Annual Spring Expo.

- The local army division looks after the temple ruins at Prasat Ta Meuan, Thailand and have made mascots of the local green parakeets, who readily fly to the hand, but also have a rather disconcerting taste for eating bits of uniform

- Quakers- First biased against the religion, now the parrots: Practitioners of the Quaker religion were discriminated against in Massachusetts in colonial days, ironically as the pilgrims themselves fled Europe for reasons of religious discrimination. In an interesting twist, Quaker parrots were recently legalized in New Hampshire, but as the Huffington Post reports,"This avian species is known for its propensity to cluster in large flocks. They also multiple quickly and can pose a major threat to crops, which is why they’re restricted or nixed in a number of states."

- Spring ain't all daffodils and butterflies: Hormonal issues in pet birds: WindyCityParrot --

- Talking bird people talk: Lara Joseph says: "Some of my best training occurs when cleaning cages. I started working this morning with a behavior concern with Murray" (a macaw) "climbing out of his cage when the door opens. Reinforce Murray for staying on his perch while the door is open." Parrots, People and Pets will feature Lara 5/18 at 7:00 PM on InternetRadioAmerica.Com, in addition to her 4/19 training class in Tiburon, CA. -- Sally Blanchard's Companion Parrot Online Magazine, Issue #77 features comprehensive information about nutrition and diet. -- Barbara Heidenreich webinar for veterinarians, parrot training workshops in CA bay area and Oslo, Norway. -- Information about caged bird care - that you might not know. Http://

- Clubbin': Texas Bird Owners meet Sat. 4/19 at 11 Fajita Willies at 6 & 529 for lunch in Cypress. -- Flapping Feathers of NJ Sun. 4/27 - special lunch time meeting 1:30 pm Land and Sea Diner and Restaurant 20-12 Fair Lawn Avenue Fair Lawn, NJ

- Showtime: 4/19: Birds in the Texas Hill Country 3rd bird mart, Julie's Event Center,. 3120 Junction Hwy., located between Kerrville and Ingram , Ingram TX. 9-5 $3.00 Under 12 free. -- 4/26-27: Atlanta’s Exotic Bird Fair - North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Court, Norcross, GA - Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4 - 770-279-9899 -

- Rescue me: Sad story of Bo the Moluccan cockatoo: -- Support parrot rescue Feathered Angels; buy a custom made "Rescue" shirt: -- 4700 pairs of shoes needed by June 15th to benefit Under My Wing Avian Refuge 1243 Rte 23 North Wantage, NJ 07461 Need more information or for local pick up schedule in your area? Contact 973-702-7770

- Lost: African grey, Ohio: -- Lost: Red bellied parrot , 4/16, Nutley, New Jersey, NJ,

- News tips: American Federation for Aviculture newsletter, Flapping Feathers newsletter, Barbara Heidenreich, Diane Dwyer, WindyCityParrot, Lanette Raymond, Lonarae Harner, Linda Bringle Pearl, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Kakapo Pixe, Viki Bullock, Republic of Birds, Anglela Cancilla Herschel, Karen Johnson Foster, Ray Riley, Sheldon Orloff

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