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From the parrot's beak: February's half over thank goodness edition

Some out of cage time, even if it is on cage door time; please!
Some out of cage time, even if it is on cage door time; please!
George Sommers

- Parrot legals: New Hampshire aviculturists upset about a law requiring bird sales to include a health certificate. Ironically, as opponents of the law argue, New Hampshire doesn't issue health certificates for birds. American Federation for Aviculture Legislative VP Genny Wall states, "New Hampshire HB 1367 is intended to correct the unintended consequence of the 2013 passage of HB 437" and Assemblywoman Jeanine Notter wrote a proposal to remove “bird” from the law. AFA NH state coordinator and DVM Dr. George Messenger says, "With any kind of luck, it looks like NH 1367 will be voted 'Ought to pass'. But we won't know for perhaps a week or so. I testified, as did Allen Fox of NH Bird Supply. There were no people in opposition to the proposed bill, and the State vet wrote a letter that was a bit neutral, but he definitely did not oppose the bill," referring to a hearing held Feb. 11.-- Meanwhile, in Virginia: a hearing was held Wed. 2/12 on VA SB 50 on allowing people to keep US ESA listed endangered species as pets. -- On the national scene, many bird owners take exception to the Endangered Species Act stating that when non-native species such as parrots are a added they can no longer be traded in interstate commerce without federal permits (difficult to get even for breeders). Aviculture maintains a genetic ark for many species of parrots, and they are thriving with breeders and in pet homes. There is almost no poaching or smuggling into the US any more, and international trade is restricted through CITES and the Wild Bird Conservation Act. petition:

- Betcha didn't think you'd need instructions on how to pet a parrot. Well, you do and Barbara Heidenreich is just the person to give them!: -- Barbara also recommends the Paula Abdul song "Opposites Attract" for your cockatiels

- Birds behaving badly- who's at fault? (Got a mirror?) : -- Bite me. (Not!)

- Pscittacine cinema: Ice, ice, Disco: And more from Disco: -- Peanut the cockatoo commandeers the reception desk: -- Lear's macaws in the wild: -- Tropical "Rio 2" trailers are a perfect distraction from wintry weather.: -- Louie and Peaches- get ready to lower the volume:

- Sleeping beauties:

- Cockatiel matchmaking:

- Smuggler's blues:

- Donate those discarded feathers to various native American groups. They like all types. Put them in a cylindrical mailer and include your name and the cost of the mailer and postage and this porfdessor will write you back and send you a check, if you'd like. Jonathan E Raymond, Ph.D. Research and Collections Center - 1011 East Ash St.- Springfield Illinois 62703

- Please don't feed the keas: Feeding wild keas may seem like a kind and fun thing to do, but it has some negative consequences. [

- How to deal with a big parrot noise in a small apartment:

- Crimson and clover: Crimson-bellied parakeet aka crimson-bellied conure found in forests in the south-central Amazon Basin in Brazil and Bolivia -- Crimson-fronted parakeet aka Finsch's parakeet aka Finsch's conure is found in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and some parts of Costa Rica and Panama. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forest. -- Crimson rosella is native to eastern and south eastern Australia which has been introduced to New Zealand and Norfolk Island. It is commonly found in, but not restricted to, mountain forests and gardens. When they forage, they are conspicuous and chatter noisily. Rosellas are monogamous, and during the breeding season, adult birds will not congregate in groups and will only forage with their mate. Despite feeding on fruits and seeds, rosellas are not useful to the plants as seed-spreaders, because they crush and destroy the seeds in the process of eating them. Their diet often puts them at odds with farmers whose fruit and grain harvests can be damaged by the birds, which has resulted in large numbers of rosellas being shot in the past. Adelaide rosellas are known to feed on dormant cherry flower buds. -- The crimson shining parrot is from Fiji. The species is endemic to the islands of Kadavu and Ono in the Kadavu Group. The species was once considered conspecific with the red shining parrot of Vanua Levu and Taveuni, but is now considered its own species. The species is sometimes known as the Kadavu musk parrot.

- Melissa Reome notes that macadamia nut shells are quite beautiful on the inside. Not so exciting when your macaw strategically throws them around the room like shrapnel and you step on them however...

- But what about us GUYS with birds?: Republic of Birds (apparently female) blogs: Dating when you have a parrot: is not always easy. Some men think it’s weird to have an interest in parrots. Some are not comfortable with birds and don’t understand them or why you might be interested in them at all. He wonders why you have so many bird pictures. Just where do you go one Saturday night a month? To a bird club meeting no less. They can’t understand why you can’t invite them in after a date because you will wake up the parrot and ultimately the whole neighborhood.What would they think when they hear my sun conure yelling at the top of her lungs? A manly man might have a hard time dealing with a pet cat much less and screaming parrot. After all parrots are exotic and bite, they are not domesticated pets. My sun conure however is treated partly like a pet and partly like a beloved child.Whatever a man might think about my birds, they are a large part of my life and they will stay with me wherever I choose to go. I have in the past found men that have liked me for my body, for my personality, and for my intelligence. Now I would like a man that likes me for my birds because that’s what I adore. EDITOR'S NOTE: Perhaps "Dear Abby" has some thoughts on this?

- Clubbin': January's Flapping Feathers club of New Jersey meeting was cancelled due to "fowl" weather (sorry), but a Wed. 2/26 7:30 meeting is scheduoled at the usual Land and Sea Diner and Restaurant 20-12 Fair Lawn Avenue Fair Lawn, NJ 201-794-7240

- Showtime: 2/15-16: World of Pets Expo - Hampton Roads Convention Center, 1610 Coliseum Drive, Hampton, VA - Sat 10-7, Sun 10-6 - 800-882-9894 - info@worldofpets.orgPlease -- 2/23: Rainforest Parrot Party. The Parrot Party will be held on Dr Susan L Clubb's property, in and behind the Rainforest Clinic for Birds & Exotics. Over 20 vendors (so far), 5 speakers, 4 food trucks, a bounce house, cane pole fishing for the kids, live music and more. $5 over 12 and under 12 free. 3319 E Road Loxahatchee Groves (Take Okeechobee west through Royal Palm Beach to E Road. Turn right and follow the road to 3319 on the left. You can't miss the sign!!

- “Fragranced” or “scented” products can cause serious problems for companion birds. Although just how strong parrots' sense of smell is is a subject of much debate, at least one person makes a case for aromatherapy for parrots.Read More@

- Sally Blanchard is looking for information on people's experinces with rescues, adoptions and sanctuaries for the next issue of the "Companion Parrot Online Magazine". Email:

- Rescue me: Avitech's 6th Facebook Fun Fundraiser starts NOW!!! When they reach 5,000 "Likes" on the Avitech Bird Supplies page they will donate $1,000 to the Bird Endowment to purchase 4 new nest boxes for their blue-throated macaw conservation program in Bolivia. No purchase necessary/no voting/no drawing-- just a simple click can help save The Blues from extinction.Contest ends Friday February 28th at midnight!-- A&E Cage Company is donating a bunch of Java Wood activity perches to Isabella's Aviary. In addition, once the Aviary's website is up they will be carrying their cages, because they are willing to drop ship directly to customers which keeps the costs down!

- Lost: African grey parrot, since 2/3; Redondo Beach CA area,. Talks and whistles. Pls. call (703) 307-8350 or Point Vicente Animal Hospital (310) 265-9511.

- News tips: Concetta Ferragamo, Dr. Amy Hopkins, Linda Bringle Pearl, Angela Cancilla Herschel, WindyCityParrot, Lanette Raymond, Barbara Heidenreich, American Federation for Aviculture group email, Jan Strong, Republic of Birds, Deb White, Summer Nuzum, Viki Bullock, Paula Ashfield

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