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From the parrot's beak- midsummer's night dream edition

Budgies enjoying the sunset on Wollaston Beach.
Budgies enjoying the sunset on Wollaston Beach.
George Sommers

- Ozzi update: Two of Ozzi the African grey parrot's suspected killers reserved their plea and one of them pleaded not guilty at the July 10 court hearing. They have been rescheduled to appear in court in mid-August. Ozzi was stolen in Slave Lake, Alberta Canada on 6/2/14 and beaten, kicked and sliced with a knife allegedly by some 15 year old boys; tortured to death. Candles were lit throughout the parrot loving world on 7/9, the eve of the hearing. A personal plea from Ozzi's owner, Asem AL-Daboubi: "Any expertise on African greys and their knowledge that can strengthen my case will also help a lot so that I may forward that to the right person in the court. Please remain respectful and no bad comments or mention of names as they make us look bad and we are not at that level, we must remain above. We need to follow the justice system and respect the court, innocent until proven guilty so please no comments toward the court system." Dr. Irene Pepperberg sent a message of support and other interested parties can email or A sad video of the bird's burial:

- Parrot prophecies: Star cockatoo predicts World Cup semi-finalists at the Jurong Bird Park. Accurate? I dunno, I didn't watch 'em, but check for yourself: -- Not just any Zodiac sign, it's your parrot Zodiac sign:

- Smuggle me, Elmo: It's not just human would be immigrants crossing the border these days. Two parrots hidden inside an Elmo doll were confiscated by US Customs and Border Protection.

- Parakeets infected with psittacosis chlamydia are escaping from the Rainbow Exotics breeding facility in Hamilton, Texas; supplier to the national PetSmart chain; and the environment is conducive to them living and breeding there. However, there is no need to press the panic button quite yet. The disease, aka parrot fever, is already present in native bird populations, and relatively rarely caught by humans -rabies is more prevalent. One woman shares her experience with parrot fever:

- When parrot swallows earring:

- Do round cages make for psycho parrots?:

- Psittacine cinema: Tika, the yellow naped Amazon on "America's Got Talent" -- African grey's Doritos commercial: -- Einstein's pizza party - and we're not talking about the frizzy haired genius here: Teaching a macaw to paint; -- Parrot dance off: -- What would a caique buy at the grocery store? -- Macaws Raiden and Louie enjoy some outside time: Einstein speaks -- Cockatiel singing on organ: --Lovebird's do-it-yourself long white tail feathers: -- Disco wants a smart phone: -- Cockatiel tricks: -- Cockatiel does math problems. -- Sissy taking bath in "her" fountain: Silly caique:

- But.... shouldn't it be the other way around?: Teaching your parrot to fly.

- Pick the box or what's behind the curtain: Parrots can reason like 3 y/o humans:

- Hail, seizure: Mary Angel relates how she decided to get Kirby Do, her umbrella cockatoo's, wings and nails clipped. Kirby seemed untraumatized, even doing a little strut/dance after the procedure. However, about 5 minutes after the bird suffered a likely seizure. The vet said this sometimes happens when birds get stressed following a procedure as simple as nail/wing clippings! Kirby had never had a seizure before or since that incident.

- But Cap'n; she can't handle the stress: Avian stress reduction.

- Five African greys dead in New Jersey abuse case:

- Conservation corner: Dr Donald Brightsmith wants to produce a professional research documentary about the conservation of macaws in Tambopata-Candamo. How you can help:

- At Lara Joseph's 7/12-13 event, Jason Crean will be speaking on feeding a raw whole diets to animals. Crean is a proponent of giving various types of tea to parrots. Dr. Susan Orosz, internationally known for avian research and medicine, speaks on The Miracle of Flight. There will be an open house for the public on Sunday afternoon featuring a $200 prize parrot gift basket An interview with Lara from a local newspaper: — at The Animal Behavior Center, LLC. — at The Animal Behavior Center, LLC.

- Showtime: 7/12-13: Atlanta’s Exotic Bird Fair - North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Court, Norcross, GA - Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4 - 770-279-9899 - -- 7/13: R.A.B Small Animal and Exotics Pet Expo 12:00pm Sachsenheim Hall in Cleveland, Ohio -- 7/19: Lancaster Reptile and Bird Expo - Farm and Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster, PA - 9-4 - 717-608-7424 -

- Lost: Cockatiel Fairmont WVA -- Found: Cockatoo in Webster, MA on 7/3. Call 508-340-5189. -- Lost: Red and blue parrot (species unidentified but probably female eclectus) Louisville, KY (501) 767-9366. -- Lost: Cockatiel Lyndhurst, NJ, -- Lost: Zack, Timneh grey Parrotsince 6/23 from the Victoria Park / Ellesmere area of Toronto, Ontario (Canada).647-618-8432 or 416-446-7795. $1000 reward fo safe return home. -- Lost: Sweetie, 7 year old pied cockatiel. Troy, MI on Sat., 6/28, 2014. (248) 798-5409 Sheryl at (248) 794-9714 - -- Lost: Quaker parrot, Williamsburg, VA -- Poco, male African grey Lancaster, PA 717-295-5473.

- Rescue me: 98 parrots need toys! : -- Feathered Sanctuary fundraiser -- Rescue poetry (theirs, not mine!): Be you wild, big or small! We've got a cerealous announcement! So hear our call! Put your beaks in your bowl! Raise your wings in the air! And shake your tail feathers like you just don't care! We're doing a fundraiser and we hope you give a hoot!Gather all your feathered friends and let's raise a bunch of loot!#‎birds‬ ‪#‎ParrotOutreachSociety‬ ‪#‎aviangroups‬ ‪#‎jamberry‬ ‪#‎nails‬ ‪#‎fundraiser‬ ‪#‎parrots‬ ‪#‎birdgroups‬ ‪#‎giftcertificates‬ ‪#‎Felix‬ ‪#‎flockcall‬ -- Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary looking for someone to sponsor Bobby: -- Join for free and Foster Parrots, Ltd. can earn money when you join and shop online. iGive is giving away $2,000 in July to the top three people who get the most friends to join and use the iGive Button. Enter by trying the iGive Button through 10/15. No purchase necessary. -- Animal Rescue Corps rescued 132 dogs and 4 parrots from a puppy mill in rural Virginia last week.

- News tips: Master Silvanus Koh, Sheldon Orloff, Linda Ott, Fran Giallorenzi, Denise Crump, Amy Yam, Barbara Heidenreich, Northeast Birds and Supplies, Avian Welfare Coalition, Denise Crump, Linda Rubin, Flapping Feathers newsletter, Kathy Pierce, Deb White, Diane Ciardullo, Marc Johnson, Audrey O'Connor, Ray Riley, Deb White, Toby Lee Spiegel, Karen Johnson Foster, Feathered Sanctuary, Sylvia Mayfiled

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