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From the parrot's beak: it's August already; nooooo edition

Parrots are popular logo characters.
Parrots are popular logo characters.
George Sommers

- The next parrot superstar: Alex and Snowball are established parrot celebrities, but the next big avian celebrity could be Arielle, the blue and gold macaw. Arielle's large vocabulary includes more than 4000 different expressions. She carries on conversations with herself, her human friend, Mike Dalton of Florida and imagined friends; and is one of a handful of birds who can communicate ideas through speech. Dalton formulated the idea of listening to her voluntarily spoken words as a new approach to interspecies communication.

- Parrot superstar, too: Disco the budgie will be a special guest at the Long Island Parrot Society's Expo this September. Disco has become an Internet sensation with his own huge and pop culture laden vocabulary. The LIPS Expo is scheduled for the same weekend as Parrot Palooza this year. Decisions, decisions... aaaaargh.....

- Parrot superstar, the hat trick: - Snowball the dancing cockatoo and music cognition in birds: update:

- Bully for you: Post anything political or religious on Facebook and you risk a backlash of opposing, even nasty comments. Now even people asking a simple question or advice on parrots risk being a target of cyber bullies: -- Critical labels can hurt our feathered friends, too:

- Psittacine cinema: Parrot clip from the feature movie "Paulie" - featuring Cheech Marin: -- Petey's puzzle: how to get Nutriberries from a Q tip dispenser. -- Daddy cockatiel feeding his babies. -- Ike Kea is not a furniture store but a bird that knows how to turn on a fan. -- The kea is noted as perhaps the most intelligent parrot: -- Another New Zealand native is the kaka parrot (Nestor meridionalis), mentioned below ... -- Delbert the yellow naped Amazon is excited about the new James Brown movie. His cover of "I feel good!"

- American Federation for Aviculture's 40th conference, highlights by Patricia Sund: -- Birdie bling and avian fashion as seen at this year's conference:

- Big parrot = big mess, noise and expenses. Little parrot: maybe not quite as much. This month's "Pet Gazette" feature story by examiner George Sommers; Pg. 10: click on page to enlarge.

- Buyer beware: "Free" hyacinth macaw offer exposed as scam:

- Waffles are not just for politicians: Bird-friendly waffles that can be made in 5 easy steps. (Hold the syrup for your birds!)

- Conservation corner: Gifted school kids make Carnaby's cockatoo preservation their "pet" project: -- Black cockatoo conservation

- Feathered factoids: When one bird preens another bird it's call allo-preening. -- Did you know In Gambia Africa, the pet name for parrots is chackoo?

- "Dr. Chris, Pet Vet" a syndicated tv import from Australia, recently featured Harry, an eclectus parrot with a severed plucking problem who also has a penchant for attacking his owner's husband. The doctor's verdict was that he loved his owner; saw her husband as a rival and took out his frustration by plucking. The doctor recommended prozac, which is controversial among some bird owners.

- "National Geographic" African grey article:

- "Addressing Screaming for Attention in Companion Parrots" with Barbara Heidenreich webinars scheduled. 8/12 at 7 pm and 8/17 at 3 pm (Central) To register: 17th and 12th

- Bummer corner: Woman guilty of hoarding dead birds:

- Op ed: A critical look at the pet bird "industry":

- Showtime: 8/9: Palmetto Classic Bird Show and Fair - Doubletree Hilton Hotel, 2100 Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC - 9-4 each day - 919-306-7690 -

- Rescue me: Parrot rehab center: -- So you want to start a parrot rescue? -- Please go to and order. Choose from a large selection of toys - 100% of profits go to a 501 c3 bird adoption and rescue group. -- ‎Zumba's Parrots and Friends video feature: -- Lazicki's Bird House and Rescue wish list:

- Lost: Jack, nanday conure Spotsylvania, VA: -- Lost: African grey, Vermilion, Ohio 440-963-7304 -- Lost: Buddy, Timneh African grey parrot, Northbrook, IL.Talks and answers to his name. He has a leg band with the numbers PA il 52. Call 618-407-2423.-- Lost: Sophie, blue headed pionus Pennsauken area NJ. 610-713-0304. Reward offered. -- Lost: Senegal parrot, Long Bay FL -- Lost: Lulu, Senegal parrot Suffolk, NY. Reward offered. -- Found: Parakeet Columbus Ohio has been hanging out in the area near 71 between Weber and N Broadway on 7/30/14. It will allow the finder to get close, but not touch. It is bright white with a light blue chest. Email at: -- Lost: African grey, Minerva Park, Ohio. reward offered.

- News tips: Lanette Raymond, Susan Maurer, Angela Cancilla Herschel, Viki Bullock, Feathered Sanctuary, Irena Schulz, Marc Johnson, Mike Dalton, Linda Rubin, Lonarae Harner, Angela Cancilla Herschel, Linda Bringle Pearl, WindyCityParrot, Linda Ott, Flapping Feathers newsletter

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