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from the parrot's beak: gross out edition

None of that gross stuff, please!
None of that gross stuff, please!
George Sommers

- Rare bird gets rare good news: UK's Chester Zookeepers are providing around-the-clock care to a rare one month old hyacinth macaw chick named Jessie, after it was hatched in an incubator. The baby parrot is being fed up to nine times a day in a Tupperware tub. It will be some time until it develops feathers that they can send away for DNA analysis in order to determine the sex. Continue scrolling for article. More@

- Would you believe Winston Churchill's 104 year old parrot is still alive and swearing about Nazis and Hitler? --Some doubt that the blue and gold macaw is actually the late British leader's bird, but not the advanced age:

- Didja know: When the Carolina parakeet became extinct, six species of mites did as well. Mites usually are host specific and don't hop from one species to another.

- A giant dead parrot statue unveiled in London to mark the return of the Monty Python troupe's live reunion show. The image has sparked a surprising backlash from some parrot loving social media followers who claim to have never found the skit or show funny. utm_source=fb&utm_medium=dsuk&utm_campaign=fbdsuk#~oK7AVCRQGr1jff

- Rhode Island and Massachusetts are apparently among a handful of states in which no cases of psittacosis, or parrot fever, have shown up in parakeets purchased from PetSmart through their suppliers Rainbow Exotics. -- Quarantinne new birds for disease and germs

- It all comes out in the end: Everything amd more you wanted to know about bird poop:

- To celebrate the DVD release of "Rio 2", Rusty Croft, a star of the Travel Channel's "Sand Masters" created a huge sand sculpture featuring the film's logo along with Blu, Jewel and family along with some of the supporting characters on Revere Beach just prior to the Massachusetts seaside city's annual sand sculpture contest. "I have three daughters," Croft says; "I think they've seen it six times."

- Oh, spit: Mammal saliva poses a risk to birds. Parrots have little natural defense to gram negative bacteria which human mouths are full of. Never let your bird get into your mouth or eat off a utensil you have had in your mouth or eat food that may have had contact with saliva.

- Conservation corner: Thickbilled parrots

- Psittacine cinema: Scarlet macaws just can't let sleeping howler monkeys lie. (We don't know about dogs.): -- Cockatoo trains human to turn on the water fountain: -- Saving the Spix's macaw: -- But I don't wanna go to bed!: -- Budgie toe attack: -- At the caique hop: -- Budgie talks to toy chicken: -- Pteribird digests the news: -- Pitbull vs. hyacinth macaw in tug o'war: (Boston Birds & Fish examiner strongly advises against mixing birds with predatory animals such as dogs and cats.)

- Funny, like I'm a clown?: A pet parrot’s laughter does not automatically mean the bird thinks something is actually funny. Laughter is a human sound, not a parrot sound. Pet parrots learn to pair the sound of human laughter with certain actions if people teach it to. So a parrot that laughs after biting you does not think it is funny that it hurt you. It was taught to connect biting with the sound of human laughter because some misguided (twisted?) person taught the bird to – by laughing when it bit someone.

- Two macaws are being displayed as part of an exhibit at the Tate Liverpool art gallery, over the objections of many parrot fanciers who feel the housing is inadequate.

- An African grey's adventures with his young sailor friend include a battle with monkeys and a shipwreck in an 1860 book by Harry Gringo. A link to the story (which has a rather lengthy title) can be found in Sally Blanchard's

- Showtime: 7/19: Barbara Heidenreich's Parrot Training Workshop Grand Rapids, MI Register at -- Lancaster Reptile & Bird Expo Featuring John Lege "That Guy with the Birds" , Lancaster Farm & Home Ctr. 1383 Acadia Rd. Lancaaster PA -- 7/20: Aviculurist Jason Crean says that the rainforest water contains elements of plants; essentially making the water wild parrots drink into a kind of tea. Crean speaks on the benefits of tea and nutrition for pet parrots and from 2-4 at the Towson Branch Baltimore County Library in Towson, MD as a guest of Baltimore Bird Fanciers and Phoenix Landing. -- 7/30-8/2: American Federation of Aviculture 40th Educational Conference & Avian Expo - Holiday Inn, 8439 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97220 - 512-585-9800 -

- Lost: Conure: Akron, Ohio -- Found: Blue crown conure - Concord, MA 7-15-14 Silver band on ankle very friendly. Contact Jennifer Condon Animal Control Officer 978 318 3400 -- Lost: Parakeet, Verona NJ. Full Report Details: -

- Rescue me: non profit DVD made out of a need and a love whilst giving back to help the rescues and sanctuaries who care for the unwanted. A must have resource for all Parrot owners -- Macaw rescue story of the week -- Marco could use your help -- Give an older adoptable parrot a second chance:

- News tips: Linda Rubin, Sharon Williams-Collins, Linda Bringle Pearl, Sally Blanchard, Rick Foster, Lanette Raymond, Viki Bullock, The Parrot Club Bulletin, Republic of Birds, Feathered Sanctuary, Flapping Feathers newsletter, The Boston Globe, Ray Riley, Karen Johnson Foster

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