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From the parrot's beak: Christmas, Hannukah,winter solstice or whatever edition

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- PHOTO CAPTION: Pippy poses with the poinsettias.

- If Santa Claus runs late this year, you can blame this macaw: (ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW PHOTO AND ADS.)

- Squakamo, the robot parrot. Now, here's a perfect gift for someone who'd like a pet without the responsibility:

- Has your bird been naughty or nice? Submit a letter to Santa Claus written in your parrot's voice. Santa loves a good belly laugh & will pick his favorite 3 letters based on their creativity and humor. Message's photo. through Facebook no later than midnight Mon. 12/23. Winners will be allowed to choose the Super Bird Creations toy of their choice. (Continental U.S. shipments only)

- British grinches complain about the noise, noise, noise of feral parakeets. The UK's only naturalized parrot -the rose ringed parakeet- is large, long-tailed and green with a red beak and a pink and black ring around its face and neck. Parakeets have been popular pets since the Victorian times. Many birds have escaped or been deliberately released over the years. Despite their tropical origin, the parakeets are fully able to cope with the cold British winters, especially in suburban parks, large gardens, and orchards, where food supply is more reliable. Despite good numbers living in the wild, and apart from an isolated incident in Norfolk in 1855, they only started to breed in 1969 in Kent, south-east of London. Since then the population has steadily increased, currently numbers over 5,000 individuals, and is still growing.Even though Greater London and surrounding areas is still its stronghold, the species has been recorded in almost every county in England, and has reached Wales and the Scottish borders.

- Killer Christmas trees: not just a "Saturday Night Live" skit. Holiday accoutrements and traditions can be hazardous to your hookbill without proper precautions. -- And, not to blow our nose in your eggnog; but household dangers to bird don't stop after the holidays:

-Parrots among animals rescued in international smuggling bust:

- Would ya believe: according to recent DNA studies, falcons are related to parrots.- which would, of course; explain the curved beaks.

- If not quite the North Pole, many parrots are subtropical – living 30 degrees north or south of the equator. Those species do not have 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. Parakeets and cockatiels live further from the equator and are photoperiod responsive because of this. Their biological processes are triggered by the length of time they are exposed to sunlight. An increase in daylight signals abundance, and the time for mating. Water can also bring on mating behaviors, especially for birds from drought areas like cockatiels. - From Phoenix Landing.

- Pscittacine cinema: What you should know about African grey parrots: -- Rudy red belly and the bowl: -- A flirtatious Joe the quaker parrot: -- Merry Christmas from Zoos Victoria.. featuring a rare orange bellied parrot: -- Scuttle the parakeet has something to say:

- Charlie Chaplin owned an amazon parrot for some time until he caved in to fears that parrots could harbor parrot fever.

- Surprising parallels between autism in human children and bad behavior in parrots:

- The original "Futurama" Christmas episode features a loud squawking, biting parrot and its fateful meeting with an a robotic Santa Claus.-- Patchy the pirate has to dodge a mistletoe generated kiss from Potty parrot in a live action sequence in a SpongeBob Squarepants Christmas episode. Potty also appears in the claymation style SpongeBob Christmas special.

- Cut an orange in half, hollow it out, cut a hole at the top, put cloves around the top and a tea light inside for a scented candle that is chemical free and safe for birds.

- Sally Blanchard reports that her late African grey, Bongo Marie was terrified of spray baths. Most spray bottles have red nozzles and red is a “flash color” for greys so Sally located one with a blue nozzle. After a few days of trying to show her that it was safe — even spraying herself in the face and acting like it was really fun, eventually Bongo learned to love her baths so much; she turned them into a game. She sometimes even invited them by exclaiming “Gonna getchew,” even when Sally didn’t have the spray bottle in hand.

- From the Stop Screaming Polly Page: "Despite some entirely unfounded negativity online from people who have not actually tried our products, our previous model of selling products and using the profits to fund additional research is no longer worth our time or effort. Therefore we are giving away free information to would-be-customers so they can build their own Stop Screaming Kits at home for minimal cost." The widespread condemnation of this product among the avian community is often along the lines of this quote by Bonnie Jean, "Don't get a parrot if you can't let it be a parrot".

- Gross out section: Megabacteria could effect your pet bvird:

- Bird people in the news: Lara Joseph will be opening The Animal Behavior Center, LLC to the public Sat. 12/22 from 3-6 to make up for those that could not attend due to the level 2 snow emergency last Saturday, and will once again be offering the chance to win A Day With The Trainer.

- Clubbin': Flapping Feathers of NJ holiday party at Tony and Teri's house 12/21.

- Showtime: Bird shows take a holiday/winter break, but we do have some early announcements for spring and (shudder) next fall: The Western Mass. Bird Expo will be 4/12/14 at the Ludlow Elks 69 Chapin St. Ludlow MA 9-3. For vendor info: -- 8th International Parrot Convention takes place 9/22-25 at Loro Parque in Spain's (appropriately enough) Canary Islands

- Readin' material: World Parrot Trust's eNewsletter, "Flock Talk", December edition is out and includes: Aiding Greys in Cameroon, Species Profile: Lilian's Lovebird, A Toy to Destroy: Ideas to Please the Biggest Chewer and more. -- "Always Blue for Chicu" by Karen Dugan- excellent holiday gift book for the parrot lover and/or child in your life. -- "My Parakeet" by Immanuel Birmelin, at 144 pages, is one of the most comprehensive budgie pet care books around. -- Jes Führmann, Author "The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird's Eye View", by Jes Führmann is the first a three part series about a Moluccan cockatoo.

- Rescue me: Overburdened sanctuaries and rescues profiled:,0,7880... -- Feathered Friends Forever featured: -- Feathered Sanctuary bringing birds to That Fish Place, that Pet Place Sat., 12/21, from 12-4. Most of the birds will be available for adoption. Feathered Sanctuary will be closed the first two weeks of January for year end inventory and financials. They will still need help and all volunteers are welcome. -- Harry the blue and gold macaw is Garuda Aviary's Bird of the Month. -- Rescue birds on the Internet: Salvation or scam? -- Foster Parrots Fundraising Mini Match -- - Congratulations to Safari's Sanctuary, Burge Rescue and Florida Parrot Rescue; winners of free case of food for each from ZuPreem. -- Congratulations also to Foster Parrots on reaching their $3000 matching fundraising drive goal.

- "Parrot's beak" editorial: Christmas with all its inherent distractions is a particularly bad time to introduce a new parrot or pet of any kind into a household. Some of the "animal rights" folks argue that it's NEVER a good idea to "own" a bird leading to a ramped up war of words this between them and the bird breeder/vendor/pet owner community. This editor/lifelong bird owner respectfully disagrees that a life "free and wild" is an ideal one in all cases; what with predators, disease and particularly humankind's destruction of natural habitats and overexploitation of resources. On the other hand, in the pursuit of profit; the majority of parrot breeders do far too little to educate prospective bird buyers about the commitment and hassles involved in parrot ownership; resulting in a huge and burgeoning population of no longer wanted birds in rescues and sanctuaries.Anyone considering getting a parrot should know what they are getting into. This video is a good start.

- And an op ed from Margrethe Warden - "We have little regard for life. We throw away our kids, our elderly, all that isn't convenient. We throw away cats and dogs and horses why are you surprised that some owners throw away their birds? It isn't the breeders who are filling the 'rescues' and 'sanctuaries' it's the irresponsible owners. But not everyone who relinquishes a pet or any kind is irresponsible. Sometimes circumstances beyond their control force life changes and a beloved pet has to find a new home. One cannot anticipate job loss, death, loss of home etc. But again how is the person from whom the bird originated responsible for an animal once it leaves their care? Breeders cannot dictate what happens once the bird is gone."

- Merry Christmas from myself and the "staff"- Yellowbird and Pepita!

- News tips: Republic of Birds, Diane Dwyer, Deb White, Sally Blanchard, Katie Pranaitis, Linda Bringle Pearl, Angela Cancilla Herschel, Linda Bringle Pearl, Rick Foster, Ellen Schloss, Dawn Korpalski, Viki Bullock, Barbara Heidenreich, Kathy Heaton, Feathered Sanctuary



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