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From the parrot's beak: 8/31 edition

Amazon parrot at Marshfield Fair
Amazon parrot at Marshfield Fair
George Sommers

- PHOTO CAPTION: Yellow head Amazon parrot at the Marshfield Fair's children's zoo, held annually in Massachusetts.

- Two endangered Puerto Rican parrots were born in the wild in a natural nest found outside a national forest in the U.S. territory for the first time in 144 years

- Serial parrot killer at large(?): Feral red crowned Amazon parrot found shot with BB gun and covered in cooking oil in Long Beach, CA. Residents are concerned that a "parrot assassin" may be at large. The bird is expected to live, but not likely to fly any more. Approximately 100,000 lived in their native Mexico in the 1950's; now only about 5000 exist worldwide, including the feral flock in California. While many residents are deluighted to see the wild parrots in their neighborhood, it is speculated that someone has a grudge against them for their noise

- Summer may be gone, but parrot fans can look forward to two great fall events Parrot Palooza and the Long Island Parrot Society Expo. Examiner George Sommers previews both in his monthly "Pet Gazette" feature article. Go to Page 10 and click on the page to enlarge.

- From ice bucket challenge to blue hair challenge: Barbara Heidenreich's challenge just might be the next big social media video boom. Dye your hair blue, says Barbara- whose own long blonde locks have gone partly teal. "Why did you dye your hair blue?" some will ask. It's to raise awareness of the plight of blue throated macaws, of which less than three hundred remain in the wild. Of course, a contribution to the cause helps as well. -- A blue throated macaw nest box with your initials on it and a report on the activity it attracts can be yours for a $250 donation to the Saving the Blues™ project sponsored by The Bird Endowment and the Bolivian bird conservation NGO Asociación Armoníadeveloped Nido Adoptivo™. -- And if you're still on the ice bucket kick, here's Einstein the African grey parrot's answer to the challenge:

- Homeless parrots and homeless veterans help each other cope with their respective trauma issues in new program:

- Apparently, there were no new developments in the 8/27 court hearing for the teenaged killers of Ozzi the African grey parrot in Canada The next hearing is September 17th.

- Robin Williams donated his former pet Amazon parrot to the San Francisco Zoo when travel made keeping the bird impossible. He had donated to the zoo years ago when travel made keeping the bird impossible. Williams helped the San Francisco Zoo raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and donated time reading books to children. During a visit in June that turned out to be one of his last public outings, zoo workers showed Williams a howler monkey they had named after him. But Williams really had come to visit old pet Amazon parrot. He was “very thrilled to see the parrot with other parrots acting like a parrot,” the zoo director said, ' I think it brought him great joy.”

- Psittacine cinema: Wild Moluccan cockatoos in Indonesia....and Hawaii: -- Rio the greenwing macaw gets shot (not really) : --Yep, it's Disco again: -- Blue and gold macaw follows owner on motorcycloe: Senegal parrot works out at the play gym: -- Cockatoo feeds biscuits to Great Danes: -- Beats watching paint dry- African grey sleeps in unique position for over an hour:

- Parrot Wizard pulls a contest out of his hat: Santina the greenwing macaw stars in "Roar"; a music video "parroty". Santina resided at Lazicki's Bird House and Rescue in Rhode Island, until her adoption by Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin. To help the parrot rescue cause and get the word out, Sazhin is running a contest along with the video. Simply nominate your favorite rescues in the video comments (on youtube). When the video exceeds one million views, a random drawing will be held to select a rescue to receive $1,000.00. Second prize is 3x 25lb bags Roudybush pellets (small, medium, and large). Third prize is a Parrot Wizard Gift Set. Prizes will be awarded to participants as well. Viewers who nominate rescues will be eligible for a first prize of a Parrot Training Perch Kit, second prize Parrot Wizard Gift Set, third prize a signed copy of the "Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots". Video: Contest details:

- Not so tubular, dude: Kimberly-Clark is dropping the cardboard tube in its Scott Naturals brand toilet paper. Many parrot owners use them as cheap gnawing/foraging toys. If it's a money saver for them, look for other companies to follow suit.

- Sex and lovebirds: how to tell the guys from the gals the ez way:

- Parrotrivia: A classic "Get Smart" episode features the evil agents of KAOS attempting to teach parrots to learn secret formulas and then smuggling them out of the country. -- ''Young Brazilian with Parrots'' is an 1877 oil on canvas painting by F. Piereck.

- Parrots are awesome pets for everyone (not):

- Hey Abbott!: The rarest cockatoos are Abbott's sulphur crested cockatoos; less than 50 of which are known to remain in the wild. The birds were discovered by Dr. W.L. Abbott in 1907: As written by H. Oberholser in 1919 (Proceedings US Natural Museum) “At first, present in large flocks, however, in the 1980’s, oilmen and traders from Bali and Sumbawa trapped them in the hundreds, often using nets”. During an interview I had in April of this year with former king of Masakambing Abdul Rahim ,he stated, “Growing up on Masalembu Island in the 1970's the trees were still white with the cockatoos. Besides the rampant trapping soldiers often just shot them for sport." By the 1990’s, the large flocks had disappeared and in a single decade, the cockatoo was on the verge of extinction. inconsistent? check article

- World Parrot Trust is putting out a series of podcasts on avian health featuring avian vet, Dr. Scott Echols. has completed a number of topics for them (PDD, and much more). The FREE podcasts are available att Select 'Podcasts and Seminars' at the top.

- Showtime: 8/23-24: Tri-State Budgerigar Society Show - Middlesex County 4-H Youth Center Log Cabin, 645 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ - 10-5 - 732-583-1591 - --Big Bend Bird Club Exotic Bird Fair And Festival - North Florida Fairgrounds, 441 Paul Russell Road, Tallahassee, FL 32301 - Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4 - 850-841-1773 -

- Rescue me: Want to spend some time with macaws in Costa Rica?

- Found: Parrot, Islandia, NY (631) 946- 9314. -- Lost: Indian ringneck parakeet, North Lindenhurst, Babylon NY -- Lost: Cleopatra, blue faced conure Newark, NJ Reward offered. (973) 449-2722.

-Last word this week comes from Delbert, Barbara Heidenreich's yellow naped Amazon:

- News tips: Sioux-elyn Is, Sheldon Orloff, Concetta Dellarocco Ferragamo, Dawn Korpalski, Angela Cancilla Herschel, Linda Bringle Pearl, Laney Rickman, Karen Johnson Foster, I Love Birds, Flapping Feathers newsletter, Pat Tucker, Diane Cardullo, Paula Ashfield, SoCal Parrot, WindyCityParrot. Audrey O'Connor, Karen Johnson Foster

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