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From the parrot's beak: 8/24 edition

Woman and her bird make purchase at Fitchburg Exotic Bird Expo.
Woman and her bird make purchase at Fitchburg Exotic Bird Expo.
George Sommers

- PHOTO CAPTION: Woman and parrot browsing at last week's Fitchburg Exotic Bird Expo, sponsored by the new Fitchburg (MA) Exotic Bird Club. SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE ARTICLE.

- St. Vincent government denies trading endangered parrots for aid:

- Robin Williams cuddles with a salmon crested cockatoo in a photo widely shared on social media after his demise: -- And he's not the only recently deceased pop icon to pose with a 'too, Lauren Bacall did, too:

- Extinction stinks: The oceanic parrot from Tonga is on a list of "13 newly discovered birds declared extinct". A 1793 drawing, and possibly some fossil remains, are all that is left of this bird. A possible inclusion to this club which no one wants to join is the Sinu parakeet, not seen in its native Columbia since 1949.

- No Dutch treat: In July the Netherlands became the first country to outlaw hand-rearing of parrots, including parakeets, cockatoos and lovebirds; imposing fines and/or jail time on violators. Nestlings may not be removed from parents before feeding on their own. Zoologist Frank Indiviglio weighs in on the issue.

- Psittacine cinema: Parrots and... ice skating????: -- There's gold in them conures: -- Parrot playing with a towel.. -- Rare Antipodes parrot letting his inner vulture come out...on penguin butt! -- Keeping up with the macaws: -- Family works to save endangered parrots: -- Cockatiel is not named Popcorn for nothing:

- Take it from the top: Triton cockatoo "Sun Bear is only interested in real women between 19-23. He's done a lot of volunteer work. He tells kids to say 'No to drugs', but he is also known for getting out of hand every now and then. He once pulled a gal's bathing suit top down in front of a large crowd while she was holding him. Lucky she was the owner of a grey, loved birds and quickly pulled her top back up while the crowd's faces had dropped and Sun Bear was laughing hysterically!" writes Mary Angel.

- Parrots mingled with parrotheads at a recent Jimmy Buffett pre-concert tailgate party, where members of the Long Island Parrot Society set up an informational booth.

- Chill out: Why your bird needs to relax: -- She can't handle the stress:

- Puzzling: Online Fischer's lovebird jigsaw puzzle:

- Patricia Sund's BirdChannel blog on Psittacine Cuisine:

- Visit Sirocco, one of only 126 kakapos left. First, you'll need a ticket to New Zealand:

- Shades of grey: "National Geographic" profiles African grey parrots:

- Found: Blue and white parakeet, Worcester, MA Contact Worcester Animal Rescue League -- Lost: Lutino cockatiel, Fargo/West Fargo ND; also another escape in the far North Fargo area. Contact the Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education at 701-293-3833. -- Lost: pied cockatiel Minneapolis, MN Reward offered. -- Lost: Aussie; cockatiel, New Providence NJ 908-337-7977 -- Lost: Drib, cockatiel, Inver Grove Heights MN ttp://

- Rescue me: Bird rescue gone awry: -- Bird mill rescue: -- Nevada parrot rescue group profiled on local news:

- If you can't pat your own back: "From the parrot's beak" is now in the top 20 most read boston examiner columns. Not too shabby for a very specific subject. Couldn't have done it without you, readers; and I extend to you all a huge THANK YOU!

- News tips: Concetta DellaRocco Ferragamo, Ray Riley, Viki Bullock, Lisa Bono, Natalie Frissore, Angela Cancilla Herschel, Linda Bringle Pearl, Barbara Heidenreich, Marc Johnson, Taddy Kalas, Ray Riley, Republic of Birds,, Deb White

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