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From the parrot's beak; 3/23 edition

Playful baby amazon parrots.
Playful baby amazon parrots.
George Sommers

- Griffin the African grey demonstrates concept of sharing, says Harvard University's Dr. Irene Pepperberg.

- Hey, weah New Yawkers, here!: NYC's wild parrots of New York City hang tough against rough winter: -- Then there's the snowbirds - not! - of Florida, as Frank Indiviglio reports:

- Quaker parrot nesting display earns Texas zookeeper international award for Best Interpretive Animal Behavior.

- Muppet the Goffin's cockatoo holds pecan in beak for 40 seconds without eating in order to get a cashew instead. An mpulse control study at the Univ. of Vienna first observed in their flock of keas.

- Sad day for Birdline Canada Ltd., an avian rescue/rehabilitation center serving our neighbors to the north; which suffered a major fire losing 26 of their resident birds. A son of the administrators is hospitalized from smoke inhalation from attempting to put out the fire. Six birds survive. You can help:

- Would ya believe: Waldo the Congo African grey is lead vocalist a death metal rock group called Hatebeak:

- Brit motorist cuts off cyclist; blames 'is dyin' parrot:

- Pearl the Moluccan cockatoo is a state registered therapy bird trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hospices, people with learning difficulties and also stressful situations such as disaster areas along with guardian Dawn Korpalski. A therapy bird must be friendly, patient, confident, gentle and at ease in all situations; must enjoy human contact and be content to be petted and handled, sometimes clumsily, and allow unfamiliar people to make contact as children in particular enjoy hugging animals.

- Missing parrot loves Doritos and bald guys: (but does he have any distinguishing marks?) Cash reward offered.

- Tambopata macaw project site: == Peru parrots eat clay:

- Pscittacine cinema: Clover, talking (and comprehending) Congo African grey: -- Training Sirocco the kakapo: -- Double dose of Disco hits: & -- Mitso the talking budgie: -- Pierre the talking African grey: -- Who needs a paper shredder when you have Peaches the lovebird?: -- Bird astrology by Mary Angel: -- It's the Bibi the African grey cam: -- Tap dancing lovebird: -- Colorful conure bathing in a public fountain. -- Parrot vs. puppy yogurt battle:

- Health matters: Fresh fruits and vegetables must be offered every day for nutrition, as well as offering different tastes and textures to stimulate your bird's mind. -- If you already have parrots, any new birds coming in should be quarantined for a minimum of 30 days; preferably 45. Health problems can spread quickly to an existing flock, leading to costly veterinary bills and even death. Parrots are excellent at hiding illness, and can appear healthy until the last minute. -- Respiratory issues in birds; a blog by Frank Indiviglio: -- Scheduling a wellness exam with a qualified avian vet for a new bird will alert you to any health problems. Ask the vet any questions about caring for your bird properly. Building a good relationship with your bird's vet is a key characteristic of responsible ownership.-- Feather facts: -- Teach your bird to play: -- Nail clipping: -- Polyuria is an increase in the amount of clear liquid in the dropping. This increase in clear watery droppings is often a result of feeding some fruits and vegetables that have high water content and and is NOT a sign of a health problem.

- Talking bird people talk: - Abby normal cockatiel behavior: a Linda Rubin blog: -- Lara Joseph; avian behavior, training, and enrichment specialist has a few seats available for her 6/7-8 workshop. at The Animal Behavior Center, LLC. --- American Federation for Aviculture northeast chair Concetta Ferragamo has a busy spring schedule; including hosting Jason Crean at the New England Parrot Society meeting in New Hampshire on April 5, Northeast Avicultural Society and Mass. Cage Bird Association April 6, presenting at Capital Region Parrot Society in NY on 4/12 and back to New Hampshire on 4/13 for the Birds of a Feather Spring Mart. -- Sally Blanchard advises: "If needs are anticipated, they can be met. Most parrots are social eaters and feeding a parrot before you eat will most likely keep him from screaming. In one consultation, a pionus screamed to greet the husband of his caregiver when the man came home from work. I advised the woman to take the bird into a back room about 10 minutes before her husband came home, give him his food, cut back the light in the room and leave him there for about a half an hour or so until the man had his cocktail, relaxed and was happy to have the parrot around. This was not punishment but simply a way of providing a nurturing time-out, which helped the parrot keep his happy home." -- Barbara Heidenreich has Animal/Parrot Training Workshops in Milwaukee on 3/29 and in NYC on 4/6. More info here

- Parrots and People, Trees and Trails is competing for funding in a contest held by the European Outdoor Conservation Association. The winner will also be featured in "National Geographic" Germany. This project will use the yellow shouldered Amazon parrot to increase the perceived value of dry-forest on the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean and drive habitat restoration. The only population outside Venezuela, this species is threatened due to loss of nesting habitat and food sources as well as the reduction of ground vegetation.Website: And to vote for this project:

- "Earle gets up from the dinner table without saying a word and walks into the room with the macaws and says, 'Lola! You are NOT a cockatoo! Do NOT STOOP TO HER LEVEL!! Now say it, 'I am not a cockatoo.. I am not a cockatoo.. I am not a cockatoo'"... Yes Earle, I heard you bahahahahaha! Hey, it must have worked.. now she is saying "I love you..." awwwwww...., reports Melissa Reome.

- Sentinel birds within a flock stand guard while other birds forage; sounding an alarm if there is a perceived threat. Some parrot species (such as sulfur-crested cockatoos) seem to have specific birds who stand guard. In others, such as African greys, part of the flock feeds while the others stay in the trees watching for danger. In nature, there are particular species of birds that act as sentinels in a location. They are the ones that are on the lookout for predators and give warnings. In Costa Rica, a nature guide explains that all birds, including parrots, feeding in an area carefully watch and listen for the alarm calls of the Scarlet-rumped Cacique (a Costa Rican bird in the oriole family) as the sentinel bird.

- The palm cockatoo's nesting behavior is unique amongst cockatoos in that it builds a platform of twigs inside its nest cavity.

- Clubbin': Flapping Feathers of NJ meets Wed. 3/26 7:30 pm Land and Sea Diner and Restaurant 20-12 Fair Lawn Avenue Fair Lawn, NJ -- The Greater Charlotte Cage Bird Society will be having a meeting on Sat. 3/29 at 3 at the Showmars Restaurant 2540 Little Rock Road Charlotte, NC. Anyone interested in attending please RSVP by replying to this email or call 704-812-8283.

- Showtime: 3/21-23: 14th Annual Super Pet Expo - Dulles Expo Center, 4320 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly, VA - Fri 4-9, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5 - 301-564-4050 -- 3/22: Connecticut Parrot Society Featherfest - Elks Club, 44 Maynard Street, Middletown, CT - 10-5 - 860-621-5790 - -- 3/28-30: Clicker Expo - Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel, 777 Waterside Drive, Norfolk, Virginia - 781-398-0754 - -- 3/29: Peninsula Caged Bird Society Bird Festival and Mart - The Columbian Center, 100 Columbus Way, Newport News, VA - 9-4 - 757-223-9440 -

- Rescue me: Feathered Sanctuary and some of their bird residents will be on hand at the VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital Open House sat. 5/24 1-3 in Lnacaster, PA... and here's a video all about Feathered Angels: -- Raffle to benefit Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico. -- Shoes for parrots? No, it's not what you think... Under My Wings Avian Refuge in northern NJ is collectiong old shoes as part of a drive to raise funds between 3/20 and 6/15. for more info:

- Readin' material: World Parrot Trust's "Flock Talk" March newsletter is out.

- News tips: Midland Parrots, Viki Bullock, Barbara Heidenreich, Linda Bringle Pearl, Republic of Birds, "New York Post", Flapping Feathers newsletter, Leslie Rockwell, American Federation for Aviculture group email, Midland Parrots, Deb White, Jan Strong, Angela Cancilla Herschel, Audrey O'Connor, Fran Giallorenzi, Forgetmenot Parrot Sanctuary, Sally Blanchard

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