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From the line to your plate at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
J Ferris

Connie Anderson, of the Abbi Agency, in a press release on March 20, outlined a pretty nice fish-to-fork opportunity for anyone who enjoys fishing and Lake Tahoe. It is the Lake Tahoe Hyatt Regency's Line-to-Table fishing-dining experience.

Imagine this: fishing in Lake Tahoe aboard either the 28 foot "Reel Action" or the 22 foot Delta Angler, two of Action Watersports crafts, with professional help all around, reeling in your catch, having it cleaned on the boat, and then choosing to pack it up for home, or delivering it to Chef Shane Hammett at the Lone Eagle Grille.

If you choose the Chef Hammett option, you'll have a discussion with the Chef about the best way to prepare you catch. Keep in mind that this is not that long after you reeled your catch in.

Anderson said: "Combine the service with the panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and wines from the Lone Eagle Grille, and it's an experience like no other on the North Shore."

It's luxurious in so many ways. Lake Tahoe, the boats, the entire fishing experience, finished off with your catch finely prepared by Chef Hammett at the award winning Lone Ealge Grille, and your stay at the Regency, all combine to make it a very memorable experience.