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From the Ibex to New Slider Fins, A Look at Ronix Wakeboards 2010 Setup

The latest Ronix 'Slider' fin has been designed for use on rails and sliders.
The latest Ronix 'Slider' fin has been designed for use on rails and sliders.
Photo by Raymond D. Petersen III

Most of us avid wakeboarders have often had dreams or goals to ride just like Parks Bonifay or Chad Sharpe; and with the latest innovations from Ronix, that dream can very well become a reality. Even though the company is still young in the eyes of such popular brands such as Liquid Force and Hyperlite, Ronix has spent tireless efforts to bring in a new line of products for the 2010 season that already has many people drooling.

One big re-design that Ronix has been working on is Parks Bonifay's pro model board known as the Ibex. For over tens years Parks has been known for his huge airs, big style, insane tricks, and unique board designs. One unique feature with his 2010 Ibex can be seen along the center edge of the board. Instead of using the “cupped” rail setup of the past, Ronix has brought in a “beveled” style edge; which gives better control with a more forgiving ride.

The tip and tail edges of the board use a more vertical rail, which allows the board to float higher on the water; but also prevents the board from burying its edge on deep carves. The bottom of the board has also been coated with a non stick compound that is refered to as a Sintered Base. This has proven to be an extremely durable compound that will allow the board to slide effortlessely on rails and sliders.

Ronix has also taken a closer look at their fin set ups for the 2010 season. With the increasing popularity of cable parks, Ronix has brought in a new fin that is designed to be used on rails and sliders. This fin contains a wider profile and a flatter bottom. This fin sits at about .8 inches; and the thicker profile will help prevent the fin from sustaining damage to itself or any rail or slide on the cable park. For wake skate fins Ronix has developed a low profile fin that offers enough edge for spin tricks, but also contains a quick, clean release for lip tricks.

This topics are merely a few of many new innovations that Ronix has been working on for their entire product line. For more information on Ronix and their many new designs feel free to visit their website at