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From the bottom up: successful Chicago flooring company creates franchise

Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” Well, according to Aridan Tiutiu, the answer is branding and consumer appeal. As the owner and manager of Rovin’s Flooing, Inc. since 1996, Tiutiu added Floor Squad last year.

“Floor Squad is the new image of Rovin’s Flooring,” says Tiutiu. “It was created for the purpose of generating new customers by changing into a household brand name. It is already catching up with the general public and I believe it’s going to be a great success.”

Serving the Chicagoland area and the surrounding suburbs, the flooring franchise promises to be efficient and affordable. “We have a way to fit any budget, quality or taste,” explains Tiutiu. “Price is never an issue as long as we gain a new customer. We have multiple teams and we can always do emergency jobs—not many companies can do that.”

The company offers a variety of services for homes, condos, and businesses such as hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, sanding, resurfacing, staining and coating as well as hardwood flooring repairs and maintenance. The squad can install pre-finished hardwood floors, engineered wood floors and laminate flooring, plus install and cover staircases, trims, moldings and medallions.

“For the last couple of years the trend has been to go dark on the floors,” notes Tiutiu. “I think the trend is going to continue another two or three years. In addition to creating aesthetic value, hardwood floors provide health benefits to people suffering from allergies since dust mites cannot cling to the floor as they do with carpet.

When it comes to the environment, Tiutiu says, “I believe prefab products and bamboo are the most friendly.” Tiutiu's other advice has to do with choosing a flooring contractor. “Do not go for the lowest price,” he warns.

“Because of the multitude of processes involved in installing and finishing a floor, there is a lot of corners that can be cut. The flooring trade is probably the last trade you want to start cutting corners. The flooring trade especially in Chicago is the most underbid trade already. To assure good quality work, the homeowner must look for credentials and coverage. Trust a reviewed company as they will try really hard to keep their image intact.”

To check out the image of Floor Squad and Rovin’s Flooring, visit or

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