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Mummies of the World exhibit
Mummies of the World exhibit
samuel hoff

The largest collection of mummies and related artifacts from around the world is displayed at the ‘ Mummies of the World’ exhibit. Buffalo Museum of Science has ‘ Mummies of the World’ showing until September 7, 2014. Mummies of the World is on a three-year tour throughout the country with Buffalo the only showing in the state of New York. Ten world-renowned institutions and two private collectors made loans to the exhibit.

The question exists of secrets that mummies hold of the past. Exhibits seek to reveal clues to their mysteries affecting the future. Old and new methods are used together to achieve this lofty task. A study of the mummies has been conducted by non-invasive, innovative techniques using modern state of the art methodology of X-rays, CT scans with 3-D animation.

Exhibits focus on mummification practices, surprisingly in Asia, South America, Europe in addition to Egypt. It also displays mummification caused by natural effects, of bogs, caves, crypts, desert and salt deposits. Mummies of 18th century family members from a Hungarian church crypt and a 17th century nobleman from a family crypt near Sommersdorf, Germany are part of this exhibit.

Included are mummified animals, a cat, a falcon from ancient Egypt, a naturally mummified lizard from the Sahara desert and a hare from an Alpine glacier. Egyptian burial objects of resins and salts used for the ancient Egyptian mummification process are also displayed in the exhibit.
The exhibit gives participants hands on experiences in interactive learning stations. The feel of bones, embalmed skin mummified animal fur and bog skink bog bones can be experienced.

Purchasing an audio tour for an additional $5.00 charge can make the most of your museum visit. The in-depth 2-hour presentation gives stories about people from the ancient cultures of Egypt, Peru and 19th century Hungary.

An authorized adult must escort admission of children. Due to the nature of the exhibit some parents may prefer to preview the exhibit while their Children visit another section of the great museum.

Museum Hours
Sunday – Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Admission Fee
Adults $22.00
Seniors $21
Children 2-17 and students $18
Children under 2 free
Reduced rates for members
1020 Humboldt Parkway 
Buffalo, New York 14211

Buffalo Museum of Science is a science museum in Martin Luther King Jr. Park of Buffalo NY. The museum’s four floors focus on dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, space and wildlife. It’s hands-on galleries, programs and daily films encouraging children’s interactive learning.

Buffalo Museum of Science is a 1 hour drive of 71 miles from Rochester NY. Drive west on I-90 to Buffalo to Best Street exit. At the stop sign turn left until south of the elementary school Buffalo Museum of Science is in view. Free parking is available in the museum parking lot.
Here is an impression of the museum.

“We loved the time we spent here and will definately go back!! I would highly recommend it!”

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