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From the Atlanta runway to your wardrobe

Memorable fashions grace the runway
Memorable fashions grace the runway
Fatima of Tima'sHaus

Now that the runway shows featured in Hautelanta Fashion Week have come to an end, the translation of designer’s perspectives on what is hot in style and creating trends is beginning. Determining how runway fashions translate into what is affordable is the task of the day and feminine details, statement accessories, and sexy silhouettes are still fashionable details. Eco-friendly and vintage luxury are becoming more appealing and accessible as affordable options in personalizing style.

HLFW featured three evenings of themes, Avant-Gardien, Urbana Chic, and Enviro-Couture. Many designers featured draping effects and ruffles to infuse feminine details. Others draped accessories in a fabulously trés chic way that was just the right amount of casual luxury. For an edgier appeal in style, bandage details were prevalent in an urban line with bejeweled and bedazzled shades to complete the look.

Fashion is much more accessible when you look at the details and see what is personally complimentary and not just hot in the moment. Remembering that style is personal, a fashionable look can be created by remembering a few simple style note tips:

While creating your own personal style and aesthetic on a budget, keep in mind these four items that I think are style staples and looks. I can easily caution you that wearing all four components at the same time may get you spotted for a fashion don’t list, but I created this list because as a follower of fashion trends and styles, there are designer influences that you can consistently spot.

  1. Menswear details- This look is a classic. From season to season it may differ from pinstriped pencil skirt, to buttoned vest, to classic white tailored shirts, or tailored pieces in general, but typically each year, there is a designer who “brings back” a menswear detail.
  2. A touch of femininity- Feminine details are flattering, sexy, and add a touch of softness to your style. Details such as ruffles, draping, and sheer fabrics amp up the feminine appeal.
  3. Animal prints- Any animal print detail when executed with the proper proportion can become a wardrobe classic. I would suggest sticking to one animal per outfit.
  4. Color- This year’s favorite color is red, but color can be a more personal choice. Choose a signature color and gracefully work it into your wardrobe with accent pieces. Wear the colors that work for you and wear different saturated hues of that color.

Also spotted on the runway were eco-friendly fabrics and “upcycled” vintage inspired pieces. Anything that is vintage can be an inspiring starting point for a creative take on fashion, whether it is repurposed or worn reminiscent of its former glory.

Hautelanta Fashion Week was a fine showcase of current, local fashion influences as well as a forum for Atlanta’s style set to observe the fashion scene first hand. The mammoth effort to produce all of the events was a success and is setting the stage for next year’s roster of local and international independent design talent.

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For more photos and video of the Hautelanta Week shows, please visit the fab blog Tima’sHaus by Fatima!


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