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From Sweden to Miami: The Koenigsegg

From Sweden to Miami: The Koenigsegg
Conversation with Kim Pemberton
Director of Marketing, North America
By: Daedrian McNaughton

The rarest of them all, the Koenigsegg has been previewed at various high profile events throughout the US to bring more exposure to the brand. Some of the events include Festivals of Speed Orlando, New York Auto Show, Universal Auto Sports in New York and Festivals of Speed Miami.

With lines of perfection, sparkles like diamond, how could one resist previewing the Koenigsegg on the lawns of the Epic Hotel Miami, for festivals of Speed Miami. The Koenigsegg was the rarest of exotic cars in a gathering of luxury auto and super cars on display. It is dubbed the fastest super car and it is environmentally friendly. It was no surprise when this particular car started receiving keen interest by spectators, as they are seldom seen in the US. They are widely known throughout Europe and Koenigsegg’s biggest market is in the Middle East.

Chrisitan von Koenigsegg is the brainchild behind this speed machine. He grew up dreaming of creating the perfect sports car, and in 1994 he launched the company and the ultimate sports car. The Koenigsegg group (a Swedish company) has recently partnered with SAAB Automobile AB, which will own 100 percent of SAAB. According to reports, it is a move that will improve the SAAB brand into a more high-end automobile.

In the coming year the brand will be expanded to regions such as California, and increase its limited production to an additional 6 or 7 cars in the US. There are currently 8 Koenigsegg in the US, 2 in Florida, one which is owned by a private collector in Naples, Florida.

The CCXR is definitely a collectors car, as it cannot be driven at maximum speed on any of Miami’s congested streets. If you intend to add to the record of the highest speeding ticket in the US, you should definitely take it for a test drive in the early morning on I-95.

Koenigsegg was awarded the fastest production car in the Guinness World Record. The CCXR was also listed in Forbes Magazine as the sixth most beautiful car in history. It carries a premium price tag of $1.4 million, and built to the highest standards.

PGM: Give us an overview of the Koenigsegg.

KP: This particular car is a Koenigsegg CCXR it is owned by an individual in Naples. We actually built 2 models the CCX and the CCXR. The CCX is a carbon fiber body, the engine is a 4.7 litre 806b horse power engine. The CCXR has an 880 horse power engine, and is using e85 bio fuel, the horse power is increased to 1018. We will build probably around this time next year 20 cars, of which 6 or 7 will come to the United States. It is a very limited production car. It is a custom built car for the individual themselves and we are just getting into the United States looking for a couple theaters, one for the east coast, and one for the west coast to represent the product and we are excited about bringing it to the United States.

PGM: Why have you decided to showcase the Koenigsegg here at Festivals of Speed?

KP: Joe Sabatini, who does Festivals of Speed is a good friend of mine. He asked me, if I could bring a Koenigsegg for the show. That’s why we are here, and also it gives us a chance to show the car to some people who are not familiar with the car. To gain some exposure for it, now that we are going begin marketing in the US.

PGM: How are people responding to the Koenigsegg?

KP: Many people have heard of the car and haven’t seen it, and that’s the case. There are only two of these cars in Florida and only 8 of them in the US, so its not a car that you are going to see everywhere. You are not going to see one at the dealership like most cars, so it’s a very exclusive car. For the people that are here to be able to see a Koenigsegg is quite something to see. It’s been nice everyone just love the car and they’ve all said it is a great experience to actually see the car that they have heard so much about. You go on you tube and topgear and see films of the car and what it does and then the performance of it. This car right here is a 254 + miles per hour car. It is the fastest production car. It is a very special situation for people to be actually see the car.

PGM: What is the price tag on the Koenigsegg CCXR?

KP: This particular car is $1.4 million

PGM: Do you own any of them?

KP: No, I don’t I just sell them.

PGM: Where can you actually drive this car?

KP: You know, I would say Kansas is probably a good space. It also holds the record for the highest speeding ticket in the country, so that’s one thing we are very proud of also. About 230 - 240 miles an hour. It is a great car to drive, you can drive it on the highway, so even though it has that performance capabilities it is a great driving car. Now would you drive it that fast? No I would not recommend driving over the speed limit. However you do have the capability if you do happen to be somewhere where you can exercise the power that this car has.

PGM: How long has it been around?

KP: Chrisitan von Koenigsegg started building cars in the late 90’s in the states. It just got emolliated to be sold in the states in the last few years, and we are just waiting for some California certification, which should be approved right after the first of the year, so we can sell in California. It is available through the other states. California is the the only state that we need to get certified, because of the emissions, it is a lot more strict in California.
***A gear head or car collector who wants what nobody else has, this is the car for them.

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